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My 3 year old son has underlying health conditions that requires ongoing medical care.

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My son is coming up 3 and we have had ongoing health issues since he was 3 days old we have had 5 operations and about to have the 6th he has lung problems and respiratory problems he has been on antibiotics his hole life threw oral and picc line. It's very stressful because his treatment is based in Christchurch hospital and we have to travel frequently over there to his appointments and procedures from greymouth. I also have a 6 year old daughter who dosnt get to come all the time so I have to support her and us while living in 2 places. My support network in Christchurch is very small next to none. This is ongoing and is becoming more regular my son has 3 different types of bacteria in his lungs and has been diagnosed with sleep apnea. I am expected to be in Christchurch 3 weeks at a time for each picc line insertion for iv antibiotics at least 5+ times a year. I am struggling with everything for myself and my son and it's taking everything I have to offer him out of me. I'm exhausted and just want things to be normal again. My son has developed a huge fear for hospital's and is very traumatized of treatment rooms. We struggle to get anything oral into him. The money used from this fundraiser would go towards all our required costs such as fuel to bring family members over to be with us and support us. To support my daughter at home while we're away and to get my son a treat that he can enjoy and treasure to brighten up his day. This is one of the hardest things I have ever done by setting up this page. Please read my story. I am also on acc due to a car accident last year and am unable to return to work I work at rest home as a full time care giver. I can't afford to pull my daughter out if school either and when we have to go we usually have to up and leave pretty quick. It has been a very hard experience that I've had to travel threw. Any help would be really appreciated to lighten my load abit.

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Fuel to transport family members to be with us

Supporting living in 2 places at once

Looking after my daughter at home who is unable to come each time due to schooling

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Day after surgery  6 December 2019

Posted by: Holly May

Still pale and hasn't got colour in abit of pain but doing really well

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  • Anais

    Anais on 20 Nov 2019



  • Keter

    Keter on 23 Jul 2019


    Good luck with surgery nephew😘😘❤you



    OM NAMAH SHIVAYA on 23 Jul 2019


    God Bless you and Get well soon


  • Mack

    Mack on 23 Jul 2019



  • Paul

    Paul on 23 Jul 2019


    Wishing you strength to you and your family 💚


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$1,060 donated

Given by 18 generous donors in around 7 months

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