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Validated Immunity

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Fundraising to investigate a blood test to measure antibodies, vitamins, minerals to assess viral risk


We are fundraising for an investigation into a blood test to measure your defence against viruses. We are at the beginning of this investigation (Research Phase One).



The first $15,000 pays for a literature review and meta-analysis into biomarkers* of viral infection risk. This means that every study which has been published on biomarkers with correlation to viral infection risk will be assessed and detailed analysis of methodologies conducted to produce a screening standard. The output of this process is a screening standard for a blood test which can calculate viral infection risk of an individual based on blood test, combined with other information including vaccination status and antigen test.


- We have had some feedback from people who thought it was not possible to correlate any biomarkers with disease severity.

- In our opinion, multivariable blood analysis may inform risk assessment, please get in touch with us via the question tool below if you have any questions on this. A much more detailed investigational analysis is required to look at methodologies of these studies and all others done and then more study to look for additional biomarkers.


If successful, we will look to develop a database and phone app, so that after the blood test the results are loaded into a database, which the user can access on their phone and generate a QR code to share.


- We are not able to say if the app will be legally recognised for use.

- We are not able to say if this will qualify for exemption to mandated jobs (currently in NZ, Vaccine mandates apply to a select number of industries in NZ -

(*Examples of biomarkers include but not limited to blood levels of Vitamin D, intracellular levels of Zinc, presence of COVID antibodies)

Use of funds

First we will fund Phase One and if successful will then look to develop an app.

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