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Waiheke is a lovely island, it was the person, not the place.

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Contribute toward the expenses incurred by a guest staying in Palm Beach, due to a violent attack at midday, which left her hospitalised.

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Walking back alone from a midday swim at Palm Beach about midday Tuesday January 22nd, guest Raven was punched in the head from behind, chucked over a barrier and down a bank - the attack curtailed by a neighbour arriving home.

Police and ambulance attended, Raven’s partner Glenn, who had stayed behind at the accomodation, was alerted. Raven was rushed to hospital with police escort and discharged the next day, battered, shocked, holiday - over.

Glenn returned to the Island a couple of days later to navigate collecting their gear and car.

Facing recovery from physical and psychological injury instead of the anticipated holiday in Waiheke's sanctuary, you are entitled to be angry. What struck me was Glenn’s comment “We know this is a lovely island, it was the person, not the place”.

Glenn's generosity made me want to affirm his belief in Waiheke.

I also felt a responsibility to alert residents to look out for their personal safety at this time.

Please give victims Glenn and Raven a voice by creating a buzz. Please forward this link to those who may be interested, and if you can, please donate.

As the strong community that we are, let's shine a light on this dark behaviour.

In the process we'll both protect our own and show these guests some love.

Niki O’Brien's involvement (page creator)

I am the accomodation provider. I want to show that Waiheke cares and alert residents.

Use of funds

I hope that funds raised will cover their lost mobile phone, their travel costs to retrieve their things and car, perhaps a repeat visit to Waiheke. Looking for a dose of generosity to balance the loss and unfairness they experienced on this trip.

Funds will be paid to Glenn, Raven's partner.

Latest donations

  • Kelly

    Kelly on 05 Feb 2019


    Love you my beautiful sister


  • Wehe

    Wehe on 05 Feb 2019


    Hope the get the culprit soon Ravz,love to you always xx


  • Jeff

    Jeff on 04 Feb 2019



  • Liza Bolton

    Liza Bolton on 01 Feb 2019


    So shocked and saddened to hear this happened to you, Raven. Kia kaha <3


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 01 Feb 2019


    Am horrified that this happened to someone who came to enjoy our island Paradise. I hope Raven and Glenn can heal and I wish they would come back to the island and have a safe and peaceful holiday with support from all of our community.


Who's involved?

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Created by Niki O’Brien
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Paying to a verified bank account of Glenn Logan on behalf of Raven

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This page was created on 28 Jan 2019 and closed on 19 Feb 2019.
$661 donated

Given by 26 generous donors in 21 days

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