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Walking the Wainuiomata Hill for 24 hours

Cause page created in the Health category by Jayshri Dayal for Tania Rivers

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Walking the Wainui hill for 24 hours

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Tania's goal in 2018 was to walk the Wainui hill everyday for the whole year. She completed that goal and walked the hill 528 times (the equivalent to 3500km, which is twice the length of the country) despite of being in a car accident and having a severe concussion.

Tania has successfully lost 75kg over the past decade through exercise and diet, while also obtaining a diploma in exercise science. 2018 was her 10th year going to the gym and keeping the weight off.

One of her goals is to have an operation to remove the excess skin she has from the weight she has lost. There is currently no government funding for operations like this.

Tania is going to walk the Wainui hill for 24 hours to raise money for the operation. She is prepared to do what she needs to achieve her third and final transformation.

Tania will be walking the Wainui hill on 15/02/19, she will start the walk at 1.15pm and finish the walk on 16/02/19 at 1.15pm. The only time she will have a break is if someone else is walking the hill in her place.

I have never met anyone like her before, she is one of a kind. She inspires me everyday and others just by being herself and lives life to the fullest. She doesn't think that she is inspiring because she is just being herself.

If you would like to read more about her story check out the link below

Every dollar will count to help her achieve this goal.

Use of Funds:

Will be used for operations to have excess skin removed due to weight loss. If there was any remaining money, Tania would put the money back into her community.

Page created by:

Jayshri Dayal


Tania is my best friend and she is always willing to help others, she goes above and beyond to help others. Tania makes me believe that I can achieve anything, she inspires me everyday just by being herself.

All funds raised benefit:

Tania Rivers


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Tania Rivers.

  • $5,138.88 donated
  • 150 generous donors

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