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Water for Fiji

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Why should you part with your cash we hear you asking? Because we believe in transformation through small change.

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Bula Coffee, together with FORSI and Safe H20 are asking you to part with some of your hard earned cash. Bula Coffee is located in Fiji where clean water is a huge problem. The water quality is poor and its supply intermittent. The regular floods bring additional problems with diseases spread through the water, which even straight from the tap, can look like our coffee. 

Water filtration will solve this problem.

Forsi Innovations, a leading water filtration company in New Zealand, can supply us a Mobile water filtration system that can be taken from village to village transforming dirty water from streams and rivers into clean drinking water. Your small change together with Tom, Dick and Harry’s small change, can literally help bring clean fresh drinking water to thousands of villagers in the interior of Fiji

Your donation will go to purchasing a Mobile unit from Forsi Innovations (  which will be taken to Fiji and used by Bula Coffee to provide clean drinking water and disaster relief.

Use of funds:

This money will go to purchasing a Mobile unit from Forsi water filtration. We will then send the system to Fiji and the Team at Bula coffee Fiji will then use it and pass it around Villages and Families in need of clean water.

Page created by:

Bula Coffee

Bay of Plenty

Im apart of the Bula Coffee team and would really love to see the team in Fiji having easier access to clean water both for work and at their homes, this will truly benefit the wider Fiji and make a huge difference

All funds raised benefit:

Bula Coffee / Fiji

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Colleen Fryett on behalf of Bula Coffee / Fiji.
“Awesome project guys may it be the first of Many.”
“Keep up the amazing work guys!”
“Didn't see you guys at field days but if I had I would have loved to try your coffee! Love your work, all the best”
“Awesome idea! Caka Vinaka!”
“I came to fiji with Nourish magazine last year and one of your Bula Coffee team took us to see the plants and thru your coffee drying and processing store. I love that you work with villages and help them provide an income. Happy to help here.”
“Keep up the good work team!”
“Good on you, good luck.”
“Love what you are all doing. Good Luck in raising all the funds!!”
“All the best. Hope it goes well!”
“Good luck!”
  • $7,609.00 donated
  • 47 generous donors

$7,609 donated


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