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Whangarei Native Bird Recovery Centre Survival Fund

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$12,854 of $28,000 goal

Given by 247 generous donors in one month

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Whangarei Native Bird Recovery Centre loses funding. Uber Group calls on Northlanders' community spirit to help the Centre survive.

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The Whangarei Native Bird Recovery Centre has been helping sick and injured birds for over 25 years - its founder Robert Webb, who co-founded the Centre with his wife Robyn, is well known as the go-to person for anyone who finds a bird in trouble. The Centre helps over 1000 birds each year and relies heavily on sponsorship as well as volunteer labour for its survival.

One of the Centre’s main sponsors, Northpower, has removed its funding and now the Centre needs to make up the $14,000 pa deficit just to keep its doors open.

The team at Uber Group reckon that if all the community pulls together and everyone gives just a little, the Centre will easily be able to get the funding it needs. If just 10,000 people in Northland donate $2 each, and 100 businesses $20, that will see the running costs secured for over a year and give the Centre time to cultivate a new family of sponsors.

We see the same spirit of co-operation pretty much all over Northland when we go into a new area to set up internet and phone services in places where the larger telcos haven’t wanted to go – farmers come out and help us with tractors and equipment to get to inaccessible sites, and people are happy to have transmitters on their land for very reasonable or no rent so that their neighbours and their community can have better broadband. We know it can be done when everyone works together, so we’ve started this page and will be promoting it through our 4000 plus customer base and our social networks. We believe the Recovery Centre is a very worthwhile cause and we don’t want to see it close. We’ve kicked in some funding to start it – now it’s over to you!

And in case you’re wondering, we’re the original Uber, a Northland company that started in Whangarei in 2003. We’re a fiercely independent internet and phone provider with our own network stretching from Ahipara to Wellsford. Nothing at all to do with those newcomers Uber Taxi, Uber Eats or Uber Real Estate (but feel free to donate guys!)

Use of funds

Funds will be spent on looking after sick & injured birds, running and maintaining the Centre. The initial target is two years’ worth of the lost sponsorship, $28,000. Funds raised above this will be set aside for future years or used to make improvements.

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    Good luck


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    Thank you for all you do xx


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We've recently discovered their funding has been cut. We want to help!

All funds raised benefit

Whangārei Native Bird Recovery Centre

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Uber Group Limited on behalf of Whangārei Native Bird Recovery Centre.

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“A small thank offering for all you do.”
“A very noble cause and c'mon Northpower can't you give something......”
“Robert saved 3 tui chicks we took to him, then repatriated them to our home and now we have 5 in the family! So much pleasure from them. Thank you Robert!”
“Such a valuable community asset , keep up the great work”
“Good luck!”
“I sincerely hope that the community supports you in this as you have supported them for all the years”
“I appreciate all the good work you do for bird recovery.”
“Keep up the great work!”
“you do such a wonderful job”
“Our thanks to Robert and Robyn and their team for all the sterling work and commitment over the years to keeping the Native Bird Recovery Centre running. Hopefully some other large Whangarei firm will take on the sponsorship for such a worthy cause.”
$12,854 of $28,000 goal

Given by 247 generous donors in one month


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