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My 9 year old son, Te Waarakihi, has been diagnosed with Aplastic anaemia. This is a condition in which his bone marrow has stopped producing red blood cells (cells that carry oxygen around the body) white blood cells (infection fighting cells) and platelet blood cells (clogging cells). Before this was discovered and diagnosed, my son was a very happy, cheeky, playful little boy, now he’s fatigued, has no appetite, can’t walk long distances, his gums and nose randomly bleed, he has blood blisters in his mouth, bruises easy and a lot of other nasty symptoms. His body has now generated antibodies due to all the platelet transfusions he’s had so blood transfusions don’t last long inside his body.

We have been in starship hospital for going on 4 weeks now. Unfortunately no fully matched bone marrow donors have been found so he is unable to have a bone marrow transplant, the next best treatment available is immune suppression therapy which he started on Monday and is so far going well. Results on whether this treatment is working or not isnt clear until 3-4 months in.

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He’s my beautiful 9 year old son.

Use of funds

This money will be used to help fund travel back and forth for treatments from Rotorua (where we live) to Auckland. Help with overall costs as I (Te Waarakihi’s mum) haven’t been able to go back to work while we are in starship hospital.

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Te Waarakihi’s life update 🤍  21 April 2024

We are in week 10 now.

This is the 6th week on my boys immune suppression therapy. It’s so early to tell whether or not this treatment is working but so far he is needing less platelet transfusions (he’s down to 3 a week) and needing red blood cells very 2 weeks.

We have been bouncing between starship and the Ronald McDonald house while my sons undergoing treatments.

Sadly last week his kidneys and liver have started to function at a very high rate, we are currently in starship hospital again while the doctors figure out the next steps.

Thank you to every single person who has donated, signed up to the bone marrow registry and reached out! We have been receiving so many messages wishing my boy well and I have read every one of them to him, they have brought us to tears on many occasions. We really appreciate this beautiful community of people backing us 🤍

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Erin on 18 May 2024
Thinking of your family. What a journey to go through. ❤️ Parent at Otonga.
Janelle on 10 May 2024
Good luck x
Ang on 07 May 2024
Kia orana Sharene and family, Sending you all love from Whakatane.
Astryd on 06 May 2024
Astryd & her colleagues wanted to chip in and donate towards Te Waarakihi's journey following the raffle fundraiser x
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 03 May 2024

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