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Wishing For Kind Donations For Ilze Who is Fighting Cancer and to Aid Funding for Avastin

  • Progress update     10 March 2020
    Posted by: Nicola Rollitt
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    We can not express our gratitude in words! Many thanks to all our donors. The Avastin treatment appears to working, blood tests and scans are showing stable disease and the current plan is to carry on with the Avastin treatment fortnightly. It looks like there are only two weeks left for this page to be active. We are extremely grateful to each and every donor. There are still some ongoing expenses related to treatment which can sometimes be a bit of a surprise, and we are grateful for every single donation, however little.

    Since there will be ongoing costs we are considering opening a new donation page after this one ends. Anything will be extremely helpful.

    Love and Blessings to all our donors.

    Pieter and Ilze

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  • Ilzes continued treatment     16 July 2019
    Posted by: Nicola Rollitt

    Hi there all, Again thank you all so much for all your donations. Words alone are not enough to express gratitude. Ilze has started her treatment of Avastin, but at this stage unknown to how long this drug will be required, so continued donations would be amazing. There are amazing, kind and thoughtful people in this world who rise to the need. THANK YOU xxxx As well as donations, there are others who are unable to afford but who have given in different ways, equally as amazing. xx

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  • A message of thanks .      16 June 2019
    Posted by: Nicola Rollitt

    Thank you all for your incredible donations. Your generosity, however big or small counts. No words can really be written of how thankful we are . Ilze and Pieter are blown away by your support . Your all Angel's. Thank you.

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