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CASD NZ Women's project has been designed to lift women and their families from the social and environmental impacts of poverty.


We see the connection between empowered women and climate regeneration. We also want to improve the lives of women and their families whose very existence has been a struggle. By improving their education in agricultural practice, by encouraging them to keep their families (especially their daughters in school) and by providing a hand to lift them into sustainable farming we see that these women will work collectively to solve the problems they face in their communities. Educated and resourced women have less children, stand up against child marriage, and have a respected say in the decision making in their communities. They find solutions together. They will stay on their land if they can farm it productively and regeneratively and keep their families from the flight to cities where increased carbon emissions are generated. Watch Katherine Wilkinson's Ted talk in which she makes abundantly clear the need for gender equity as we work together to stop global warming. https://www.ted.com/talks/katharine_wilkinson_how_empowering_women_and_girls_can_help_stop_global_warming

Vicki Farslow's involvement (page creator)

"CASD" stands for Common Action for Sustainable Development. I became involved when I visited in 2015 after the devastating earthquakes.

Use of funds

We use funds for micro loans to very poor and marginalised Nepali women. Some times these loans are used to buy seed or stock or agricultural tools. Women also collaborate to access safe drinking water for their communities.

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Building a Home for Hope in Humla  15 July 2022

We have recently built a home for an elderly couple who were destitute in remote Humla. This Building will eventually serve as a community hub for hope. WE have provided warmth and HOPE.

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Pavitra on 13 Oct 2021
Vicki Farslow

Thank you so much Pavritra. You are a star!!!! I appreciate the love so very much. V

Vicki Farslow
tina on 13 Oct 2021
Vicki Farslow

Hi Tina... Thank you....So Much. So lovely to feel your love. V

Vicki Farslow
Harriet on 13 Oct 2021
Thank uou
Vicki Farslow

Thank you Harriet!!!!! I am delighted every time I know we are feeding another family. Big Love.

Vicki Farslow
Tina on 12 Oct 2021
Vicki Farslow

Loving your support. It’s amazing that you keep on loving the people I am loving. Thank you so much.

Vicki Farslow
Dianne on 12 Oct 2021
Arohanui to the families in Nepal
Vicki Farslow

Di... My thanks. This truly is Arohanui... A family is secure with food. V

Vicki Farslow

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