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Workplace Incident - Young father of 3 in the fight for his life

26 days ago

Marsha asks

Omg Toni I remember you from JC your sons name, and his job. I'm sorry this happened to your beautiful son and family. When I was reading his story my first reaction was how could this even happen in our country? Third world stuff.

I'm so sorry he must be strong, Kia kaha, like his mama. He has a few angels in his life. I hope his pain will lessen each day.

Will donate with lots of love to you all.

Best wishes Marsha.


Hello beautiful thank you for your love in support at this time please would love too catch up in have a coffee been along time since JC days my number if you would like too make contact is 02041281510 sending you in all donators love light healing

Toni Paikea
on 3 May 2022

Matt asks

Thoughts are with you, your son and his family. I'm glad to see that a page has been setup as noone expects to go to work and be injured while providing for family. I know it's under investigation but I do hope your son's workplace comes to the party and helps to provide for the family. Long road ahead but glad he still has his life. Thoughts are with you all.


Thank you Matt you’re absolutely right, no one should ever go to work & be injured in the process. I hope this never happens again & a huge review of the health & safety guidelines etc are undertaken. This should not have happened! We are very blessed & pray he continues on to a well recovery

Toni Paikea
on 29 Apr 2022

Ivan asks

When I was in Jaycees in the 1970's there was a John Taylor who had lost both of his arms in a similar accident....he had two hooks with movable clamps and he could do anything....had a job at a timber coy....he is now in his 80' do not give up!


Hello Ivan ,thank you for your message in yes iv had a few people reach out War veterans in alot of burns in electrocuted victims .Its a trailing time right now for me in my family in I no God wouldn't give nothing we couldn't handle...thank u in appreciation of your text sending you love light thank u x

Toni Paikea

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