Workplace Incident - Young father of 3 in the fight for his life

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Young father electrocuted & in the fight for his life


Hi everyone I am setting up this page in support of my son & our family. My son was involved in a freak accident while at work.

My son is critically ill and currently in ICU in Middlemore Hospital following an incident on a worksite he was working at. He is a young father to 3 beautiful children his youngest turning only 1 year old in a few weeks, a humble family man, dedicated all round guy, loved by many friends & family.

He has extensive injuries & to expect 3 months in ICU with the probability of longer. His recovery should he survive will be months to years both physically, emotionally & mentally. We are praying he makes it through this tragic ordeal & is able to walk his daughter down the aisle, play soccer with his boys & continue to be the best Dad he's always been. As a mum to Jahden nothing will please me more to have my son home with us all laughing in joking around.

Toni Paikea's involvement (page creator)

I am his mother, he is my only son. He has 2 sisters who need him home & I'm a Nana to his children.

Use of funds

All funds raised will help in support of his recovery both immediately & long term & importantly his 3 children & there mother.

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Latest update

Jahdens Rehabilitation   19 June 2022

Jahden is taking each day as it comes ,He is coherent in healing fast .His grafting on his body is doing well .

He has started his rehabilitation now in taken it day by day .His Rehabilitation is a everyday in supported by physio in nurses .

He has that fighting Spirit in side him that you can see ,He just wants too come home too a normal living with his children there giving him that encouragement too get him thrgh this horrible ordeal .

Can't wait too have him home with his Kids Whanau in friends .

Doctors quoted

*He had 1in 5 chances of living in too prepare for the worst

*He would be Dialysis for rest of his life in now he has rejuvenated a new kidney .

He has beaten all odds due too love in support we have had from everyone in we are all blessed too still have him here .It's not going too be an easy road but with time on our side we will get there .

Thank you too all 😘

from My son My self in our whanau .

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 20 Jul 2022
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 18 Jul 2022
All the best with the healing.
Mike and Jenny
Mike and Jenny on 16 Jul 2022
Our thoughts are still with Jahden and his family and friends after his dreadful accident. It's easy for us to stay but - kia kaha to you all.
Nikita on 04 Jul 2022
Emma on 04 Jul 2022

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