The 21st World Hang Gliding Championships, Brasilia Brazil 2017

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  • Jim Lahey

    Jim Lahey

    Hang Gliding freedom!!!


    on 06 Aug 2017

    • NZ HG Team Funds - Derek Mckee

      Hi Jim, The NZ Team really needed help while in Brasilia, Your contribution was really appreciated. We are all on our way home now and I am working out all the bills, We feel we will break even which is amazing that none of us have gone into debt. Thankyou again Jim for making the Worlds so much less stress free. Kind regards Jonas, Hagen, John, Derek.

  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor


    on 04 Aug 2017

    • NZ HG Team Funds - Derek Mckee

      HI there dear friend, Your $500 donation was just incredible, The NZ crew were blown away by it, It also came at a time when we all were paying some very large bills over in Brasilia. We can not thank you enough, We will see you real soon. Thankyou from us all. John, Derek, Jonas, Hagen

  • Kris E

    Kris E

    Rule 1) Have fun. Rule 2) Fly safe. Rule 3) Fly far!


    on 03 Aug 2017

    • NZ HG Team Funds - Derek Mckee

      Hi Kris, Thankyou heaps for your donation, The NZ Team really represented New Zealand well over in Brasilia, Many pilots want to now come and fly here, Our NZ crew were very well liked and the NZHGPA should be proud of them all. Your donation came at a great time. The boys got together and have decided to reimburse our team Manager the 250 Euro he paid as an entry fee which was just fantastic for us all to do. Many thanks Derek, Hagen, John, Jonas.

  • Pegasus Bay Winery

    Pegasus Bay Winery

    Go Derek!!


    on 01 Aug 2017

    • NZ HG Team Funds - Derek Mckee

      Hi there everyone at Pegasus Bay wines, Thankyou so much, you guys are just the best. See you for a catch up when I'm back. I'll be missing my Aria over there.

  • Abe


    Good luck boyyyzz


    on 29 Jul 2017

    • NZ HG Team Funds - Derek Mckee

      HI Abe, Hey bro cheers so much, Very generous and we thank you so so much, We have really needed this support as extra cost come in. Hope your well and can't wait to share some stories round the fire. Derek, Hagen Jonas, John.

  • Eddie & Violet

    Eddie & Violet

    All the best over there lads and good luck, Not that you'll need it 😜


    on 27 Jul 2017

    • NZ HG Team Funds - Derek Mckee

      Thankyou heaps Eddie and Violet, We all Really really appreciate your help and that was very generous guys, We are now off in two days and so looking forward to it. Still lots more to do to get ready but all looking good to go. Managed 1.5 hours in the air today with Max which was cool. Cheers again, Derek, John, Hagen, Jonas.

  • Viv Clements

    Viv Clements

    Good luck wish i had gone now but all going well we will fly togeather in the 2019 worlds.


    on 26 Jul 2017

    • NZ HG Team Funds - Derek Mckee

      Geez Viv, you are so generous, we are all feeling the love. Thankyou so so so much, We are all on a string budget and this will help us so dam much. You are amazing, this will not be forgotten. I can't wait to fly with you again and yes the Italian Worlds would be amazing. Thanks again, Derek, John, Hagen, Jonas. We will all be flying for you bro

  • Reece 👍

    Reece 👍

    Go Team!!! Go, only return with gold or silver or your out.


    on 25 Jul 2017

    • NZ HG Team Funds - Derek Mckee

      Hi Reece, Hey thankyou so much bro, That was very generous, We have been blown away with our friends support so far. We have also been hit hard with some big bills in the last week and this will help heaps. I have confirmed I will be flying a 154 T2 so that will be interesting, make sure you like our help nz hang gliding page if you havn't already so we can keep you updated. Cheers again xx I love your comment

  • Alex Crawford

    Alex Crawford

    fly high boys !


    on 25 Jul 2017

    • NZ HG Team Funds - Derek Mckee

      Hi Alex, Cheers heaps for the heap, we have all been blown away by the support so far. We are also very excited to get on the plain next week, Make sure you like our facebook page, help NZ hang gliding and we will update this as we go over there with stuff. Cheers again Derek

  • Tom Mulder

    Tom Mulder

    Good luck team. Go show em' what we're made of.


    on 24 Jul 2017

    • NZ HG Team Funds - Derek Mckee

      HI Tom, Hey thankyou so much for your very generous donation, amazing, I can not thankyou enough, It's been a very costly exercise to get to the worlds but one we all had to do. We also have families back home that we have to look after while we are away. This helps take a lot of stress away so we can alll focus on the competition. Thanks again, Derek, John, Hagen, Jonas.

  • $3,471.00 donated
  • 31 generous donors

$3,471 donated



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