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Covid19 Outbreak Fund Raising for Wuhan - 新型冠狀病毒社區爆發為武漢籌款

Closed Cause page created in the Community category by Dr Jacky Lam for "Wu Han Coronavirus Outbreak Fund Raising - 武漢新型冠狀病毒社區爆發籌款"

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Given by 584 generous donors in 5 weeks

In the meantime, hospitals have asked for donations of medical supplies, including masks, medical gloves and protective suits.

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I am a NZ citizen, Founder and also a practising dentist at Smile Dental in New Zealand. This page to raise fund to support the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak and all fund will be used in Wuhan and area needed in China. My brother who is a respiratory specialist in Hong Kong our technical advisor and ensure all protective gears we purchased for the outbreak are suitable. We will try to purchase gears from oversea and deliver them into wuhan.

What we know so far

- The virus: At least 25 people are dead in China and more than 900 infected as the Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread throughout Asia and across the world.

- Tens of millions under lockdown: At least 11 cities in China's central Hubei province are facing travel restrictions, including Wuhan itself.

- The latest Wuhan coronavirus patient in the US is a "single travel associated case, not a local emergency," according to Dr. Allison Arwady, Commissioner, Chicago Department of Public Health.

- Over the past couple of hours, the number of people confirmed to have the coronavirus has gone up to 22 beyond mainland China, according to government sources.

Taiwan's Center for Disease Control said there were two new cases of the virus on Friday.

Here are the latest figures:

Thailand – 5

Singapore – 3

Taiwan – 3

Hong Kong – 2

Macao – 2

Japan – 2

Vietnam – 2

South Korea – 2

United States – 1

Dr Jacky Lam's involvement (page creator)

With the Wu Han Coronavirus Outbreak, as a dental health professional, i would like to fund raise for the desperate medical supplies required (such as Masks, protective gears / medical supplies) for Wu Han people in China

Use of funds

Money will be used for purchasing Masks, medical gloves & protective suits. We will try to supply direct to the hospitals with our supply. If not possible, we will donate all the fund to either directly to hospital or red cross in China.

Latest update

Update the title  1 April 2020

Posted by: Dr Jacky Lam (Chit Ki Lam)

Dear donors,

The Campaign was set up in early Feb when WHO hasn’t named the virus. I have updated the title to reflect the correct naming. I know people is going to attack me again, but I wish you can tell your friends we have corrected the title which was set before WHO naming. Thank you for being understanding.

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Latest donations

Kurt on 29 Feb 2020
Please consider this was not cell engineered, the rumours must stop.
Yuxin on 18 Feb 2020
God bless China:)!
Dewey on 17 Feb 2020
Hope Wuhan and China get over the virus soon!
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 16 Feb 2020
Dr Lam, Thank you for the arrangements.
Germana on 16 Feb 2020

Who's involved?

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Created by Dr Jacky Lam, paying to a verified bank account of Dr Jacky Lam (Chit Ki Lam) on behalf of Wu Han Coronavirus Outbreak Fund Raising - 武漢新型冠狀病毒社區爆發籌款

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