Young mum has car stolen while in labour

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Raising funds to help out my sister. She’s a new mum in pre term labour and had her car stolen from the hospital while in labour.


Setting up this give a little page for my younger sister and her partner.

She’s currently 35 weeks pregnant and started having contractions yesterday morning, labour has since started and her partner left work yesterday to be with her and hasn’t left her side.

While my sister and her partner have been inside Masterton Hospital someone has stolen their Ute (2001 Mazda Bounty) from the hospital car park between 6pm and 8am (04/02/2020).

They had just purchased the Ute a week ago to accommodate their growing family and it’s their only vehicle.

Inside the Ute was a lot of their belongings along with their new sons capsule and her partners two other kids belongings and car seats.

Having a premature baby is worrying enough but to now have to deal with a stolen car and contents at the same time is just adding stress to the situation.

Police have been called, reports filed and now waiting to find out if there’s footage from the hospital cameras that can point us in the right direction of recovering their Ute.

In the mean time just wanting to put this page out there as anything will help them out right now. Unfortunately they hadn’t organised insurance before the Ute was stolen.

Even if you can’t donate just by sharing you will be helping out!

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I’m Alex’s older sister. Trying to raise funds to help her through this rough time.

Use of funds

Funds will be used towards purchase of new car and replacing essential items that were taken.

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Use of funds   6 March 2020

Posted by: Alex Barnett

Our beautiful wee boy, Axel, is now 2weeks old and still not even at his due date yet!! but we are thrilled to have our boy here. As son was born prematurely we have had a bit of a slow rocky start getting him adjusted to the outside world. We are offically now home and loving it after spending almost a month now in and out (but mostly in) of hospital. During this time my wonderful partner has stayed as much as possible with me/us as it became super stressful and tough at times being in there alone and dependant on help due to labour, which meant he ended up having a lot of time off work. We are now a few weeks behind in our rent and have decided with the help of his amazing work who have generously given my partner a work vehicle that we will now be using the money raised to help us get back on track with our rent and then the rest of the money will be put onto our loan which we got to buy our original Ute. This will help hugely take some of the stress away and help get back to normal. We appreciate everyone who has donated and could not be more thankful.

Xx Alex, Corey & Axel

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Guest Donor on 14 Feb 2020
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congrats on the new arrival, hope the wheels turn up!
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Guest Donor on 07 Feb 2020
Sarah on 07 Feb 2020
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good luck.

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