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Young mum has car stolen while in labour

  • Use of funds

      6 March 2020
    Posted by: Alex Barnett
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    Our beautiful wee boy, Axel, is now 2weeks old and still not even at his due date yet!! but we are thrilled to have our boy here. As son was born prematurely we have had a bit of a slow rocky start getting him adjusted to the outside world. We are offically now home and loving it after spending almost a month now in and out (but mostly in) of hospital. During this time my wonderful partner has stayed as much as possible with me/us as it became super stressful and tough at times being in there alone and dependant on help due to labour, which meant he ended up having a lot of time off work. We are now a few weeks behind in our rent and have decided with the help of his amazing work who have generously given my partner a work vehicle that we will now be using the money raised to help us get back on track with our rent and then the rest of the money will be put onto our loan which we got to buy our original Ute. This will help hugely take some of the stress away and help get back to normal. We appreciate everyone who has donated and could not be more thankful.

    Xx Alex, Corey & Axel

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  • Baby Axel has finally arrived!!

      19 February 2020

    Alex and Corey have finally welcomed baby Axel into the world late last night, mum and baby are doing well.

    Huge thanks to you all. Alex, Corey and whanau are overjoyed with all your love and support!!

    “It really has made us realise we’re so lucky to be a part of a kind and generous community and country.”

    All messages and donations are deeply appreciated.

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    • 06/03/2020 by Pip

      He looks beautiful. hope the joy of being parents over-rides everything else. Go well.

      regards Pip Stokes