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  • Hemantic Prayer Song Evening Koha  

      created on 09 May 2017

    No charge is made for admission to Hemantic Prayer Song Evenings, but we provide an opportunity for koha to be given for DCM.

    Raised: $1,324.60

    Goal: Open Goal

  • Leaky Home Crosby Family  

      created on 28 Jul 2017

    Help Josh & Ben! Water seeps from the skirting boards inside (when it rains) on to towels that lay under their bedroom carpet.

    Raised: $140.00

    Goal: $180,000.00

  • DCM  


    DCM works at the tough end of things. When people have no money, no food and no roof over their heads, they come to us.

  • Dwell Housing Trust  


    Dwell provides affordable housing for people on low incomes whose housing needs are not being met by other housing providers.

  • Living Hope  


    The streets of Vladivostok, Russia, are home to countless numbers of young people. In 1998, one woman set out to change this. Rachael Hughe

  • "Edventure Nepal" Orphanage  


    EDVENTURE IS AN LITTLE ORPHANAGE WITH AN EXTRAORDINARY VISION TO FUTURE OF NEPAL. We aim to provide the basic needs of food, shelter, cloth

  • Catacombs  


    Catacombs is a drop-in centre for inner city Wellington residents, including homeless and people in transit, providing a place to socialise