12 Hours Of Virtual Bathurst For Charity

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I've wanted to do something for charity for a little while now. Why not drive for a long time, and allow people to watch me doing so?

Manawatu / Whanganui

Hey all

I've wanted to do something for charity for a little while now, I had thought about a few things such as shaving, but I really wanted to do something different. Why not drive for a long, long time, and allow people to watch me doing so? This is where the 12 Hours Of Bathurst For Charity arises.

The Charity I have chosen is St John New Zealand. The reason for this is partly due to the whole Covid situation is obviously big this year, partly it is because they have been in the news recently dealing with lack of funding and possible job cuts, and also because they regularly help support many Motorsport events across New Zealand, which is awesome. So it seemed fitting to try help them out in some fashion.

Recently, they have talked about needing to cut up to 100 jobs from the organisation. So I am going to do 2 laps of Bathurst per job at risk. This equates to at least 1,242.6KM of driving, however I will keep going until the 12 hours is up. V8 Supercars drivers cover 1000km with 2 drivers over a 6-7 hour lap every year, and in the real world 12 hours of Bathurst, they can achieve up to 1,900km with up to 3 drivers. I will drive a mix of road cars and race cars, so due to the slower speeds of some of the cars and required breaks, I have to set the modest goal

I will not set a monetary goal, however it would be poetical if I could match my KMs to NZDollars. I am happy if anyone is able to donate what they can.

This will happen on the 29/08/20, 9am UTC+12 to 9pm UTC+12 - my screen will be live streamed and shared on my YouTube Channel. Full updates, any postponement and links to the live-stream can be found on the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/756330234907882/

The Youtube channel for the stream: https://www.youtube.com/user/ClanFever

Olaf's E-Racing Page, ClanFever's Garage: https://www.facebook.com/clanfeversgarage

I will need to out line some rules for the event:

This will be run on Gran Turismo Sport for the Play Station 4

I will be using a Logitech G29 steering wheel and pedal set up, however I have a couple DS4 PS4 controllers on standby should there be any technical issues with the set up

Due to how the game is designed, and the fact I want others to be able to join in, I will run a lobby that will have me driving around with others being able to join me

For others to join me, they'll need to add my PSN, ClanFever, I will accept these throughout the event. The Lobby will only take up to 15 extra people

There will be 4 1 hour races through the event, with possible more short sprint races. When a race is not on, others are able to freely join in with driving laps with me, when a race starts all those "entered" at that point are able to also get involved in the race

I will rely on the daily "mileage" counter to count my KMs. This will be at 0km when the event starts

Every hour or so a 5 minute break will be taken for food and rest

I hope many of you will tune into the live stream, I will be able to conversate with people on the Youtube's live-stream. I will also have a headset with audio broadcast and so answers may be answered this way, so I can drive and chat

I'd love to thank a few different sets of people. First of all, my friends and family for putting up with me.

Second, the Racing Group I have become involved with during the Lockdown, this is the GT Sport Oceanic Crew on Facebook. The people in here are awesome and many of them will be those attending the event.

Third, I must thank my workplace, The Support Desk New Zealand Ltd (www.thesupportdesk.co.nz), for their support over the Covid Lockdown, plus with my E-Racing exploits. I will be running cars with The Support Desk Liveries, as I have been for the FIA sanctioned racing championships

Thank you all

Olaf Flesch's involvement (page creator)

I will be doing many, many kms for this event.

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Thank you so much  10 June 2021

Thank you so much for donating last year, all those who did!

I am going to try make this an annual type event. And we have a new event for this years! 12 Hours at Le Mans, 2nd of October 2021


Looking forward to it and for all of you to tune in!

Thank you

- Olaf and the team at GTSOC

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