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12 Chairs for Children's Ward

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The Children’s Ward at Christchurch Hospital struggles to provide comfortable furniture for parents caring and supporting their children

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You may not be aware but the Children’s Ward at Christchurch Hospital struggles to provide comfortable furniture for parents caring and supporting their children during their hospital stay. They need your help and so do we.

My name is Jo and I was one of these parents. When our son was 9 weeks old he contracted a virus that lead to a 7 day stay in the Children’s Ward at Christchurch Hospital and 5 of those days in the HDU Unit.

For a parent it was the week from hell and we didn’t leave his side, but we were the lucky ones. We walked out with a baby that was going to make a full recovery and continue his recovery to live a healthy life. The support we received during our stay made a huge impression on us and we have been looking at a way we could give back and provide comfort to parents who would be sitting in my place in the future.

The Children’s Ward including the HDU Unit have limited resources. A lot of the furniture is from other wards and not always functioning or in the best condition. Past Patients have also wanted to donate as a token of appreciation but due to the high level of traffic that the wards have – a retail chair could never withstand the demands of what a commercial grade chair would.

It’s taken over 3 years but I am so excited to share that we have now found a model that is the first of its kind in New Zealand and will meet the requirements of the Hospital and Nursing Staff.

Hospital Requirements:

Commercial grade designed to withstand high levels of traffic

Hospital Grade fabrication to meet sterilisation requirements

Wheels for ease of movement within the ward

Reliable servicing - The mechanics of the chair will be serviced locally in Christchurch so no more waiting for parts and being without – replacements will be available

Comfort - The Chairs are extremely comfortable and can transition from sitting upright to lying flat so parents can rest and sleep when their child is sleeping and they never have to leave their side

No extra work for Nurses: The transition of the chairs can be done by parents so Nurses won’t need to leave patients they are currently caring for.

Modern, bright and fun colours.

So now it’s time to raise some money and get theses Chairs to where they are needed the most.

The HDU unit cares for patients from a few weeks old to 15 years old

They nurse patients 24/7 with anything and everything - virus’s, meningitis, broken bones, surgical and non surgical needs.

So in other words – I didn’t realise that there was a need for this until I was the one in need of it – and you will possibly the same. Or if you have been in this ward yourself – you would have experienced this need yourself.

Please join us in our journey to Give Back and provide comfort to parents when their Children need them the most. Every little bit helps and we are we are extremely grateful for your support.

Thank you

Joanna Triplow's involvement (page creator)

My name is Jo and as a mother I experienced the limited resources that the Children’s ward had first hand when our son Jack was 9 weeks old and admitted to the HDU.

During the research and our appeal journey we have been touched by the outpouring of support and encouragement from many others who have also experienced this need for resources whether it be as a parent, relative or friend.

Our search took 3 years but we believe it has been worth the wait and we are so excited to share that we have found 2 models that meet the requirements of the hospital and nursing staff.

Now it’s time to raise some money and get theses Chairs to where they are needed the most

To learn more and to show your support please join us on our journey to raise funds for the Children’s Ward.

Together we can make a difference.

Thank you

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 18 Sep 2017
Marita Broadstock
Marita Broadstock on 17 Sep 2017
I was in the children's ward for four nights when my daughter was 10 months old after she received emergency surgery. I didn't leave her side the whole time and the nurses were amazing. But I do remember how hard it was to sleep at night in the uncomfortable chair in a ward with five other mothers and their sick children. This initiative is fantastic, well done!
Kelly Hames
Kelly Hames on 28 Aug 2017
Spent a few nights in the very uncomfortable chairs so this is a very worthy cause! Thanks Kelly.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 21 Aug 2017
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 19 Aug 2017

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