Ang's Mt Everest Challenge 2018

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Help me raise funds for an AMAZING organisation in our community, Waipuna Hospice EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!

Bay of Plenty

I'm participating in The MORE FM Mount Everest Challenge. Climbing the Mount 38 times is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest! So I have been challenged to do this in 50 days and help raise money for Waipuna Hospice . The challenge starts Friday February 9th 2018 - March 30th

Check my updates to see my progress, leave a comment and hopefully if your able to, leave a donation for an awesome organisation. Every dollar counts

Thank you


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76/76 Double Mt Everest Challenge completed!  28 March 2018

I've been incredibly slack with updates. Since my last update I have reached goals that I really didn't think I would of been able to achieve at the beginning.

On Saturday I set a personal best of 5 back to back climbs. Was a great achievement for me.

On Sunday I bested that by doing 6 back to back. A big thanks must go out to the Barefoot runner, if it wasn't for his encouragement I most likely would've quit on the 4th one.

Sunday's climb also saw me having to borrow my daughter's size 9 shoe's for my size 7 feet 😂 My faithful $9:97 clearance shoe's from the warehouse finally wore out on Saturday. I did a lot of tripping up the steps in my girl's sz9's and developed a nice size blister 😑 I wasn't thinking about the shop not being open until after my usual climbing time on Sunday when I drove home on Saturday . . . After my 6 climbs I walked straight to Smith's sport's shoe's and bought me a pair of the most comfortable shoe's, I wish I'd had these from the beginning!!

Yesterday morning - Tuesday 27th March I completed the last 2 climbs needed to finish the Mt Everest Challenge for the second time - it was awesome knowing I'd made it back to basecamp 😀

This Challenge has given me so much. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A renewed appreciation for life, it has reset my mind and outlook on all thing's, it has truly been a blessing.

I have set a new goal, inspired by the barefoot runner, ONE day, I will walk Mauao barefoot - not sure when as my tender feet have issues walking on grass 😂😂 but one day I will 😀

Thank you all so much for donating, for the encouragement and keeping up with my progress, it really has meant a lot to me. You can still donate via the DONATE button

I'll see you at next year's Mt Everest Challenge 😍😍


Kawakawa balm work's AMAZINGLY for blisters

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The Mount Everest Challenge 2018

The Mount Everest Challenge is back! Join us and Climb the Mount 38 times in 50 days to raise money for Waipuna Hospice.

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Handsome Nephew
Handsome Nephew on 30 Mar 2018
Awesome effort aunty ange. Its been awesome seeing your posts as i wake up for mahi😎😎😎
Sayge & Willow
Sayge & Willow on 30 Mar 2018
<3 <3 <3
Melody - g0ldyl0x
Melody - g0ldyl0x on 30 Mar 2018
You did it, ascended not only the maunga but carved out your own physical and spiritual path. What an incredible and inspiring journey, Ange. 😍 I'm sorry it has taken so o of to donate, $ freed up today and what better way to gift it? 😉 You are one boss b$tch. Freaking amazing journey girl. May it continue. 💜 PS Yes this is an odd amount, but my OCD couldn't deal with your uneven donation tally 😂
Nicole,Neil & Max
Nicole,Neil & Max on 27 Mar 2018
Great job mate, hospice is a great place, we used the southland one for dad xxxx
Vicky on 19 Mar 2018
Angela Angell

Here's your donation sis 😀 thank you! 😍

Angela Angell

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