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Diabetic Assistance Alert Dog For Brenda Ferguson

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Please help me fundraise for a Diabetic Alert Assistance Dog to be by my side at all times to alert me to my dropping blood sugar levels.

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I've been given the opportunity to get a Diabetic Alert Assistance Dog. It means that I can then take back control of my life, and to obtain more independence knowing that there is always someone at my side that can alert me very early on for me to correct the hypo - low blood sugar level myself.

Waking up to find St John's staff attending to me following a hypo - low blood sugar, can be scary. I've often lost minutes, or even hours of the day that has been unaccounted for. Over the years I have sub sustained many injuries from collapsing with having a hypo such as many cuts, bruising, swelling, black eyes and fractures. I'm a constant worry to all.

With an Assistance Dog at my side I will be alerted to my rapidly dropping blood sugar levels early on, then I'm able to grab my jellybeans or glucose powder myself and that way I'm able to obtain my wish of not having to burden others for help all the time. For me that's definitely a huge step forward by being able to take back control of my life in a big way. I'm also able to lessen the stress for my family/friends so they can also get on living their own life's without the constant worry that I'm ok.

Over the years I've tried pretty much all the devices to stabilise my blood sugars, but all have failed for numerous reasons. I work at a busy hospital and I'm wanting to become a role model for others to show them no matter how grim things can get there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Assistance Dog is going to be an everyday tool for many, many people, enriching their lives and giving them an improved outlook of their medical condition(s). The more money that is raised means the more dogs that can be trained.

I hope today after reading my profile you take the time and go to to view what these fantastic people are achieving with these amazing dogs.

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Brenda Ferguson


My name is Brenda Ferguson. I have been a Type 1 Diabetic since a very young age. I've had to rely on others to come to my rescue during a hypo - low blood sugar, it drops so rapidly that I'm past the point of self help. I don't get warning signs or symptoms so I'm not able to treat myself at all leaving it for others to sort out. I find this incredibly annoying and terribly frustrating having to burden others all the time.

All funds raised benefit:

  • Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust

    Changing Lives One Dog at A Time - August is our Annual Appeal Month, we urgently need your donations to keep this vital service alive!

  • $17,636.00 donated
  • 54 generous donors

$17,636 donated



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