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Barbie gets a haircut! These locks are being donated.

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Jess (Barbie) a cheeky 9 year old cheerleader will donate her long blond hair along with sponsorship raised to Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

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Jessica Jones (aka "Barbie" to her cheer squad) has been growing her glorious golden locks for 2 years so she can donate her hair to help in the manufacture of wigs.

Jess, now age 9, has always wanted to do charitable work and she decided on hair donation after finding out she couldn't give blood for far too many years!

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ is the charity our family has chosen to support through our little Barbie's generosity and bravery

She would dearly love to be able to donate sponsorship money to the Breast Cancer Foundation along with her locks, and the fee she will receive from donating to Freedom Wigs.

She humbly asks our friends and family for donations great or small

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Waverley Jones


Breast cancer has affected Jessica's loved ones so she is donating her lovely locks to wig makers for ladies who have lost their lovely locks. She would love your support to also donate money for this cause.

All funds raised go to:

“Well done Jess. I'm very proud of you!!”
“Thank you so much Granma & Poppa ❤️ Love from Jess”
“The very 1st donation from Whaanga Coast 1. Thanks Gary!”
“Such a cool thing to do Jessie!! Good on you for doing this <3 lots of love Alia xx”
“Good on you Jess, your gift will be very positive received I'm sure. ❤️Aunty Bo & Uncle Stu”
“Awesome lil cousin! So proud of you xx”
“You are super cool and generous Jess!! Love Cheyne xx”
“Incredibly impressed by a young person making such a sacrifice for a great cause!”
  • $1,000.00 donated
  • 21 generous donors

$1,000 donated

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