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Bluff Hill 24hr for Ukraine

on 2 Mar 2023

David asks

Morena, Skywalker! I hope your feet have recovered by now! Can you please make sure that you keep your page open for at least another couple of weeks (if this is possible)? I haven't yet had the chance to forward it to everyone I intend to. Many of these are friends and family overseas, and my colleauges in the international biodiversity/conservation/onychophora community. I don't 'do' any form of 'social media', so I will be doing this by email. Many of these people, like myself, are extremely busy and do not get 'on top of' emails regularly, or 'prioritise' them. Cheers. David :-)


Kia ora David,

Feet are well indeed, thank you!

The page will be open until the end of March at least. Thank you so much for spreading the word, I really appreciate it!

Your kindness is humbling - I thought of your lovely message when walking through the night. It's been so inspiring to see so much kindness and generosity in people - friends, family and strangers alike.

Hope you are well and thank you again,


Hanni Hopsu

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