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  • It's too hot to deliver toys in Syria - we are on track for September

      26 August 2021

    It's been a while since I posted an update, and you may be wondering what is happening. Well, a lot of work has been going on to get ready for this next delivery. As you will know we were planning to engage an Education Worker to extend the use of the equipment we are arranging for the children in a camp. We are really pleased to tell you that your generosity will allow us to have two people, a man and a woman, working with the children to build resilience. We are currently recruiting, and I have been busy preparing a handbook for them to use.

    We have also added to the list of activities we provided last time and have added a small whiteboard and pen, as well as a tennis ball to the kit with the skipping rope, sensory ball, soccer ball and hula hoop. These new additions will be able to be used inside the tent so providing more opportunity for spending productive time.

    Now we are waiting for the weather – it isn’t rain, or cold that is the problem, it is the heat. Most days the temperature is around 40 degrees, way too hot for children to be outside playing. So, the plan is to distribute in September when it should start to cool down a little.

    I’m looking forward to sending you some photos of happy children very soon.

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  • Planning to bring joy to children in Syria

      17 June 2021
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    Here is an update on the BounceBack4Syria and a reminder that we are still raising funds. Please let your family and friends know that they can make a difference. We are also happy to talk to groups and schools about our work to raise awareness for the ongoing needs of children in conflict zones.

    Right now, we are ramping up to make a distribution made possible with your donations. Whilst we are still working towards our target, planning has started for a second distribution. Out team in Syria will soon identify a camp where children are unable to attend school and plan a distribution of activity materials that promote resilience. An addition to the projetct will be to provide some adult support – a bit like a sport coach – to help the children get the most out of the toys we provide. I am looking at the range of materials that we could use and how we can make the second distribution as successful as possible.

    We have completed a review of the pilot scheme and were delighted to bring joy to so many children and their families. It not only built resilience but provided an opportunity for these children to spend time experiencing joy and laughter. Many children made new friends and worked with their parents and siblings to master new skills. Malak told us. “I liked the skipping rope very much. I learned it quickly and it makes me jump high in the air”.

    Thanks again for you help and support.

    Check out the Facebook page for ReliefAid

    and our website

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  • A huge thank you to St Mary's College - Mission Monday

      21 April 2021
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    😍 Look what can be achieved when you are driven to make a difference! A huge thank you to the twelve Mission Representatives @St Mary's College, Auckland who put their energy and ideas into organising a fundraising event that will deliver games to children in Syria. Their 'Mission Monday' was a huge success raising $1,677.80 and creating awareness of ReliefAid's #BounceBack4Syria project by sharing the photo of Fatima, one of the children who has already benefited from the programme! Thanks St Mary's!

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  • Support from Sam Charlton Olympian Hockey player

      18 March 2021
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    BounceBack4Syria at St Mary’s College Auckland

    “If there are ways that you can help children not as fortunate as yourselves, it’s super important that we do that”.

    This is the message Sam Charlton, Olympic hockey player and winner of gold and bronze medals at the Commonwealth Games delivered at St Mary’s College last week. She joined a group of 10- and 11-year-old students to launch BounceBack4Syria. She talked with the students about the importance of having a toy that means a lot to you as a child.

    Generous donations made it possible to provide skipping ropes, soccer balls and hula hoops to 50 families in February. We hope to reach many more children this time. Please share the link to this Give a Little Page with others through Facebook and Instagram.

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