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Supporting LANDSAR to bring home Jess O'Connor and Dion Reynolds

  • Message of thanks from Jess O'Connor

      29 May 2020

    Where do I begin! Firstly, thank you to every single person that has been following and supporting this crazy story.

    The community's love has been overwhelmingly beautiful and it just shows what we can do when we come together in a positive way.

    What we went through is something that you never think would happen to yourself, but I am eternally grateful for the emergency response that led to us being found. At the end of the day we wouldn't be here if it weren't for the efforts of the Police, LANDSAR, Fire Service, Defense Force, all the volunteers, friends and family, donors and the power of positive energy. While I would never wish this experience upon anyone, there has been a lot learnt and I'm hoping to use this experience to educate others that explore this beautiful country.

    I have so much gratitude for this precious life we all live and I just cannot express enough my love for you all. I could feel the positive energy and although it was difficult, I never lost hope. It really is amazing what you can do when your life depends on it!

    Again, a huge thank you to everyone. This doesn't come close to repaying everyone for your support, but please know I will be eternally grateful.

    Much love Jess xx

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    • 29/05/2020 by michelle

      hey jess

      im dions other untie we are glad u guys were found alive and well and we had postive vibes u and dion would be foun and both my sister went to nelson to help that was kathleendions mum and his untie annemarie while me and his grandad waited for the news u and my nephew were found and it was a pleasure to donate some money when ur brother set up a give a little page and the amount of money was raise when i read it on line l burst in to tears of joy and his untie in aussie and in karamea was worried im glad ur doing great please giove him a hug from me andtell dion to get in contact me

      kia kaha

      michelle dions untie

  • Jess & Dion found alive!

      27 May 2020

    At around 1PM, a search helicopter spotted smoke which led to finding Jess and Dion alive!

    We are all eternally grateful to LANDSAR and all other organisations involved in the search. Without their efforts and skill the outcome could have been very different.

    Please consider donating to show your appriciation for the work done by LANDSAR and support them in their future efforts.

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    • 28/05/2020 by Brad

      What a great outcome! Awesome work from LANDSAR, helped immensely by Jess and Dion doing all the right things.

    • 28/05/2020 by michelle

      they have made me one proud untie for searching for dion and jess i am so greatful u guys and girls did a fab job and the money we raised will help u guys out kia kaha guys and girls