Bun Burner for Aran Animal Rescue

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Given by 26 generous donors in 12 weeks

Another long distance motorcycle riding challenge, hoping to raise $1 per km for Aran Animal Rescue, this year it's 2,414km in 36 hours.


Last year, I attempted a Saddle Sore 1600km motorcycle ride, raising funds for Aran Animal Rescue.

This year, I'm shaking it up a little and trying to combine three events into one:

- The NZ TT2000 event, a 2000km in 48 hours.

- Inside of which I'm hoping to achieve: another Saddle Sore 1600km, ride and...

- A Bun Burner 1500 (miles, that's 2414km) within 36 hours.

Because the two shorter (timed) rides are happening inside of the TT2000, we'll be leaving from Ashhurst at noon, on the 23rd Feb, 2018, and hopefully finishing in Ashhurst, at noon, on the 25th Feb, having completed over 2414km and collecting 50,000+ rally points along the way.

The SS1600 will be completed by ~10am on 24th Feb, finishing in the Coromandel at Whitianga, with the BB1500 finishing by ~11:30pm on the 24th in Ashhurst, followed by sleep for ~12hours before we rock up to the TT2000 finishing point to submit our rally photos.

More details on the SS1600 are available here: http://www.ironbutt.com/themerides/ssserieskm/

More details on the BB1500 are available here: http://www.ironbutt.com/themerides/ssseries/

More details on the TT2000 are available here: https://www.tt2000.org

We may fine tune our currently planned route to allow us to finish the BB1500 somewhere other than Ashhurt, reserving a small further amount of riding to get back to the finish after we've rested somewhere else. Like a friends house or something. :) - TBC.

Chris Wiltshire's involvement (page creator)

These guys do wonders for over 100 dogs each year, but they need our help and financial support to be able to do the awesome work which they do!

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Home safe and sound...  28 February 2018

Hi, we had a very enjoyable, but hard ride. We made it home safely, but didn't quite hit all of our goals.

We completed our Saddle Sore (1600km within 24 hours), and I finished the TT2000 event, but we had to pull the pin on the BB2500K attempt, it would have been madness.

To read all of the details, and to see some photos from our ride's checkpoints, visit my blog post which I've just finished proof-reading. :)


Thanks so much for your support with your donations and for providing me with enough of a reason to get on and finish the TT2000 event. It meant a lot to me that I had your backing.

Cheers, and here's looking to next year?!? :)


PS; $1,275 raised for Aran at this point (it is still going up). While we didn't hit my $1 per km target, I am still very very happy and extremely grateful for all of your donations and support, thank you so very much!

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Tony on 05 Mar 2018
Chris Wiltshire

Thank you very much! :)

Chris Wiltshire
Bryn on 28 Feb 2018
Chris Wiltshire

Thanks heaps Bryn!

Chris Wiltshire
Teri on 24 Feb 2018
Chris Wiltshire

Thanks very much guys! :)

Chris Wiltshire
Angela on 23 Feb 2018
Hope the weather treats you well! Great way to raise money.
Chris Wiltshire

Thank you very much

Chris Wiltshire
Juno - rescue dog extraordinaire
Juno - rescue dog extraordinaire on 22 Feb 2018
Chris Wiltshire

Thank you guys! :)

Chris Wiltshire

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