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Bun Burner for Aran Animal Rescue

  • Home safe and sound...

      28 February 2018
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    Hi, we had a very enjoyable, but hard ride. We made it home safely, but didn't quite hit all of our goals.

    We completed our Saddle Sore (1600km within 24 hours), and I finished the TT2000 event, but we had to pull the pin on the BB2500K attempt, it would have been madness.

    To read all of the details, and to see some photos from our ride's checkpoints, visit my blog post which I've just finished proof-reading. :)

    Thanks so much for your support with your donations and for providing me with enough of a reason to get on and finish the TT2000 event. It meant a lot to me that I had your backing.

    Cheers, and here's looking to next year?!? :)


    PS; $1,275 raised for Aran at this point (it is still going up). While we didn't hit my $1 per km target, I am still very very happy and extremely grateful for all of your donations and support, thank you so very much!

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  • Ready for tomorrow

      22 February 2018

    Nigel and I made it down safely to Wanganui today and are ready for tomorrow’s ride. We’re leaving here at 9:30 and heading over to Ashhurst for the riders briefing and start at noon.

    Tracking links for the ride were share in yesterday’s blog post here:

    All appears to be working well with that tech. Today my camera battery and my GPS battery died so I’ll be battling those gremlins tomorrow.

    Thanks so much for your generous support!!


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  • Final prep and weather update

      20 February 2018

    Hi, I've posted a new update on the ride, along with some links to our tracking pages etc on my blog website - - here:

    Please do visit that site and check out the final details on the ride.

    Thank you very much for your support this year. We've not managed to get that close to the target this year, but your support is hugely important to me and I've exceptionally grateful. - Thank you.

    If you want to give us a call and have a chat while we're on the ride - please feel free, I'll be on 021624717 and will have a bluetooth headset kit in my helmet so will be able to take some words of encouragement safely from you. :)

    Thanks, Chris.

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  • Only 16 days to go...

      8 February 2018

    Hi everyone, thanks for your donations so far. With only 16 days to go before this year's ride, I'm still a LONG WAY off my fundraising target of $1/km - $2,414. We've pulled together $410 which is a good start but I need your help.

    Please, if you don't mind, could you send a note out to your social networks encouraging them to get behind the ride too? The link to send them to is:

    Thanks in advance, every little bit helps.


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