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Celia is cycling Tour Aotearoa 2020 in March, raising funds for Footpaths 4 Feet campaign.

  • No goal

      20 May 2020

    Tour Aotearoa interrupted due to Covid-19

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  • North Island completed!

      19 March 2020
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    A wonderful seventeen days traversing the North Island!

    Thanks to kind donors so far!

    The "Accessible Streets" package is out for consultation and worst case could allow people of all ages on e-bikes, e-scooters and mountain bikes on all footpaths, with unenforceable speeds.

    We'll do our best to improve the end result.

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  • Six days done, thanks for support!

      8 March 2020
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    Tour Aotearoa is a big challenge for me - but not as big a challenge as people who are frail or blind or deaf are finding with e-scooters and potentially bikes on the footpath.

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