Chocolate Queens & Kings Fundraising For Life Matters NZ

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Chocolate Queens and Kings Fundraising For The Mental Health and Wellbeing of NZers. - Life Matters Suicide Prevention ❤️💚

Dunedin, Otago

Hello New Zealand, we are the Chocolate Queens and Kings of our fundraising team called Project Hope & Beyond. We are former Cadburys staff who have raised $63,610 over 3 years for the Mental Health and Wellbeing of NZers.

Having depression can be a challenging and arduous experience. Taking responsibility for one's mental health and seeking help is a positive step; however, it is disheartening to realise that far too often those with mental health issues are met with bullying and gaslighting. This is especially difficult to process, considering the immense burden one already bears due to depression. In our society, if someone is inflicted with cancer, there is a great outpouring of support; however, it is as if people turn away from those with mental health issues. It is unacceptable that one should be judged for having mental health issues. Our Chocolate Queens and Kings have been unwaveringly committed to raising money for mental health, and have stood every weekend for over three years to fundraise for New Zealanders.

This page is for Lifematters and we also run a second page for I AM HOPE so you can choose which charity to donate too.

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Megan on 12 Apr 2024
Chocolate Queens and Kings Fundraising For Mental Health of New Zealanders. Former Cadburys staff
Chocolate Queen
Chocolate Queen on 29 Mar 2024
Fundraised by our incredible Chocolate Queens and King, former Cadburys staff Project Hope & Beyond.
Chocolate Queen
Chocolate Queen on 15 Mar 2024
Fundraised by the Chocolate Queen Carpark Community Fundraising
Chocolate Queen
Chocolate Queen on 29 Feb 2024
Project Hope & Beyond, Former Cadburys Team of Chocolate Queens and Kings Community Carpark Fundraiser.
Chocolate Queen
Chocolate Queen on 15 Feb 2024
From our Chocolate Queens and Kings Former Cadburys Team Project Hope and Beyond. Community Carpark fundraising
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