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CCC: Pre-spring Desexing Fundraiser

$360 of $7,000 goal
Given by 9 generous donors in over a year

The Coalition tend to needs of stray cats in Auckland. Helping to make a difference in their lives and to make a difference in the community


About the CCC:

The Community Cat Coalition tend to the needs of stray cats in the Auckland area. They Trap, neuter/spay, then return the cats. Then special feeding stations are set up and the cats are given food and water daily.

How you can help:

My goal is to fundraise for the Spring desexing in September. Spring is the time where we get the most kitten births in Auckland, the more kittens/cats we desex around this time the more of a difference we make to prevent kittens being born into bad situations and we help to lower the Auckland cat population.

If you want to make a huge difference in your community and to the lives of the stray cats of Auckland, please consider donating. Every dollar counts and every donation is highly appreciated.

Grace de Vos' involvement (page creator)

I work as a volunteer community cat feeder for the Henderson (Auckland) area and am fundraising to help improve quality of life for stray cats.

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$345.00 Raised so far!  17 October 2018

Together we have raised $345 dollars to date which will go toward the de-sexing of cats and kittens this spring.

This amount is enough for the Community Cat Coalition - Auckland to Neuter 1 male and Spay 3 females, this equates to 36 less kittens in the coming year alone!

This is absolutely fantastic and we at the CCC are all so grateful to everyone who has contributed so far :)

Of course we still hold hope for others to contribute to this noble cause so we can get many more cats fixed this Spring.

To see some first hand work we are doing, consider following the Facebook Page 'Kitty Cats Out West', or my own page 'Crazy Cat Lady - Henderson'.

If you are against the various proposals to include cats as pests; forbidding Omaui residents from owning cats once their present ones pass; restrictions on Bengal Cats etc, that need a strong voice to let them know most NZ'ers don't approve of these plans. Then please consider submitting your opinion to the Government here:


Thanks to everyone :)

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Latest donations

Lexi on 04 Sep 2019
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 15 Oct 2018
Grace de Vos

Thank you so much! Every bit counts :D

Grace de Vos
Delphine on 06 Aug 2018
Grace de Vos

Thank you very much for your kind donation, you have made a huge contribution to the fundraiser and to the lives of many stray cats!

Grace de Vos
Erana on 04 Aug 2018
You all do a fabulous job.Thank you! Xo
Grace de Vos

Thanks so much Erana :D

Grace de Vos
Biggles Childcare
Biggles Childcare on 01 Aug 2018
It's a great cause and I know how hard your volunteers work.
Grace de Vos

Thank you Biggles Childcare :)

Grace de Vos
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This campaign started on 18 Jul 2018 and ended on 18 Oct 2019.