Community Cat Coalition Trust (Supported by the SPCA)

Community Cat Coalition Trust (Supported by the SPCA)

The Community Cat Coalition Inc. support carers of community/stray cats in Auckland. Our biggest focus is community cat de-sexing.


The Community Cat Coalition Inc. supports the carers of Auckland's community cats (stray cats, abandoned cats, 'street' cats, semi-owned cats). Our name reflects the services we provide to the community through the humane management of stray cats, and the fact that the cats we care for are a community responsibility.

Our particular focus is de-sexing, because this is fundamental to preventing unmanageable numbers of kittens and cats. It's also essential to allow community cats to lead healthy lives, unburdened by the demands of constant reproduction or reproductive drive. The work we do contributes humanely and sustainably to biodiversity goals relating to managing cat populations.

The more funds we can raise, the more community cats we can help by de-sexing.

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The Community Cat Coalition Inc. supports carers of Auckland's community cats (stray cats, street cats, abandoned cats, semi-owned cats). Our big focus is community cat de-sexing, then ongoing care.

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It's kitten season!!!  27 September 2020

Posted by: Community Cat Coalition Incorporated

It’s spring and the Community Cat Coalition is being besieged with requests for help with stray female cats on heat attracting unneutered male cats, stray pregnant cats and stray cats desperately trying to care for the kittens they’ve given birth to, under whatever shelter they’ve been able to find. We focus on prevention – getting as many stray (or ‘community’) cats as possible de-sexed before they re-produce this season.

But COVID has significantly reduced the money CCC has for de-sexing this year, meaning that more unwanted, often sickly kittens will be born, and face a very uncertain future.

So Bob Kerridge, founder of the Community Cat Coalition and past CEO of the SPCA, asks you to consider donating whatever you can spare, whenever you can, over the next little while, so that we can make this much needed de-sexing happen as soon as possible.

Bob: "The lives of cats are priceless and very precious, so how do you calculate a value for each one? The Community Cat Coalition works tirelessly every week to care for stray and abandoned cats in Auckland and they need your help to carry on."

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Latest donations

Shannon on 20 Sep 2021
Community Cat Coalition Incorporated

Thank you very much, we really appreciate your support!

Community Cat Coalition Incorporated
Margaret on 17 Sep 2021
You do a great job thanks
Community Cat Coalition Incorporated

Thank you very much indeed for your very generous donation Margaret. This is will allow us to make a significant positive difference to the lives of several community cats.

Community Cat Coalition Incorporated
ANNE on 30 Jul 2021
Community Cat Coalition Incorporated

Hi Anne, thanks very much for your kind donation. Another cat will be desexed and not producing unwanted kittens in spring because of it!

Community Cat Coalition Incorporated
Catherine on 27 Jun 2021
Thanks for all the hard work you are doing in Onehunga right now… hopefully you help the poor injured kitties 🐱
Community Cat Coalition Incorporated

Thank you so much Catherine! We will keep trying to catch that particular unwell cat and we are confident that we will succeed soon.

Community Cat Coalition Incorporated
Diana on 27 Jun 2021
I thank you for the good work that you are doing with the stray cats. Herewith a small donation to enable you to purchase food for both general feeding and special food for trapping. Good luck. Diana xxx
Community Cat Coalition Incorporated

Thank you so much Diana, that's very kind of you!

Community Cat Coalition Incorporated

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