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Debs 24hr walk for Waipuna Hospice

  • A huge thank you

      25 August 2021

    Well my donation page has now closed, just after it closed I had a late donation trying to come in, we worked it out and they donated straight to my bank.

    They had been given some bad news earlier that day, then stumbled over my story, and wanted to donate.

    So with that extra donation, we raised $8880!!!!!!

    I am so very humbled, and blown away with the support I have recieved, I could not have done this without each and everyone of you backing to you all xx

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  • Page closes soon

      16 August 2021
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    So grateful to all of you who have donated and supported me in so many other ways.

    My Give a Little page closes on Sunday the 24th💞

    please keep sharing 😊

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  • I did it!!!!

      9 August 2021
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    Well that's a wrap!!!

    104km in 24hrs, it was mentally tough going at times, and I had to dig deep, the support of friends and the public I made it!!!


    My Give a Little page will remain open for a further 10 days.....I'm nearly at my goal!!

    Please keep sharing 😊

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  • I did it!!!!

      8 August 2021
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    Well I did 24hr walk for Waipuna Hospice was a success...the support I recieved over this time has been outstanding, I can't thank you all enough!!!

    The give a little page will be staying open for a couple of weeks.

    Please keep sharing and help me reach my 8k goal.


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  • 1 more sleep!!

      5 August 2021
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    Today a team of us head the Mount Holidat Park to set up Basecamp for my event.

    All the organizing is coming together nicely.

    Thank you to you all for your donations, I am so grateful for your support.

    Please keep sharing my link, far and wide and help me reach my goal.

    Hope to see some of you at the event, either joining in a few kms or being at Basecamp to see my complete the 24hrs...would love to have you there.

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  • Last big training day.

      1 August 2021
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    Well today was the end of my major training schedule, thanks to all the girls that came along today, all bar 1 of the girls that completed a 21k in training was there.... Kerri we missed you😊

    Also Gavin Mill and Mark Coysh for putting up with our banter🤣

    All my ducks were walking in a row🤣....the weather was amazing, baby seal on the rocks.

    Now for all the finer details to organise for my event on Friday, and a week of carbs and high protein meals.

    I'm as prepared as I will ever be, with approx 800km of training under my belt.

    A huge thanks to Kimberley Tipper who trained with me for about 750km of that, you are truly amazing!

    A big thanks also to all the other girls that gave up their days/nights/weekends to join me in my training sessions... Laura Mehalski Helen Coysh Kerri Mcivor Tania Sisson Kristina Sisson and Gav for putting the training schedule together, and helping me encourage the girls to reach their personal bests by reaching 21k, the most any of them had ever walked...sooo proud of you all, and thanks for the amazing support so far, love you all.

    Thanks also to everyone that has donated so far, I appreciate the support from each and everyone of you💞

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  • Not long now!!

      28 July 2021

    It's my last full week of training this week, and tapering right down before my event on the 6th-7th week will consist of more rest days and concentrating more on nutrition, and by next Friday I will be itching to get this event underway!!!

    Anyone is welcome to join me in a loop or 2 or even half a loop, or support from base camp, feel free to rock up, Pilot Bay corner of Mount Holiday Park any time to show your support for Waipuna Hospice, the more the merrier 😊

    Please share this far and wide and help me reach my goal💞

    Thanks so much for your donations😊

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  • Facebook page

      22 July 2021

    You can also see my updates on my Facebook page...

    Debs 24hr Walk for Waipuna Hospice 😊

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  • Training going great!!!

      22 July 2021

    Day started off great with a morning talk at Waipuna Hospice, thank you so much for the opportunity😊

    Then a fabulous training session with Helen Coysh and Gavin Mill, pushed the training schedule again by doing more strength training, adding the west side mount stairs and down the North face again on second base track walk.

    All prepared for another big weekend of training.

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  • Thank you😊

      19 July 2021

    Less than 3 weeks until I take on my 24hr walk for Waipuna Hospice

    Training is going well, thank you for the donations so far.

    A big thank you to my support crew that have been putting in the training with me and also a huge thanks to my sponsors, Brookfield New World, Smiths Sports Shoes, Colour Works screenprinters, Workwear and Safety 2000 Ltd, Big Idea Group, Dying Art, Wrightsock New Zealand, and Rebel Sport.

    The support I am receiving is greatly appreciated.

    Any one can come and walk part of the walk with me, just rock on up to base camp from 2pm 6th - 2pm 7th August, there will be someone there to let you know when I'll be passing base camp (roughly every 45min)

    Base camp is the Pilot Bay corner of Mount Holiday Park, you won't miss us😊

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