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Give up Facebook for the month of February and improve your own mental health and help others too.


Research shows that social media may not be so good for our mental health.

Has checking Facebook become part of your daily routine, either first thing in the morning or first thing at work. And that first check usually kicks off many return trips throughout the day. It's definitely a part of our consciousness, and a big part of how we connect with others.

But research is finding that it may not be the healthiest habit, psychologically speaking: It can actually make us feel worse about our lives, instead of better, and ironically make us feel less, instead of more, connected to the people around us.

Personally lately I have been really starting to question my Facebook use.

Everytime I scroll Facebook I always get a huge sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) or not good enough or like my life is boring and dull in comparison to everyone else. Then i find myself posting ALL of my photos of ALL of my outings to proove that I actually have a really fun and happy life too .....but Who exactly and I proving this too ? And why do I feel the need to proove this ???

Then I think someone is almost most definately viewing my posts and feeling the same sense of FOMO that I felt that contributed to me posting the photos in the first place .Then I feel guilty that somehow I have contributed to making someone feel not good or causing FOMO onto them. It's a pretty viscous cycle!!

Anyway I really really hope that I am not the only one who feels this way and I would absolutely love you to join me in a Facebook free February !! Just to see what it's like?

To simply enjoy life and not worry about documenting it to the world!!

What I am also proposing is.... If you decide to do Facebook February that you sponsor yourself $1- $10 to do so. Whatever money raised we give back to mental health resources in NZ

There has been huge funding cuts to mental health and it means so many people are missing out on much needed resources!! Having experienced the mental health system myself I can relate to how difficult it is to get the much needed people and resources to help properly.

Wanna do Facebook free feb and choose not to donate then that's totally cool

Don't wanna do Facebook free Feb but still want to donate then that's cool too

Don't want to do either then that's totally cool too :)

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