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Fitness Canterbury 1000 Challenge 2019

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Given by 6 generous donors in 26 days

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We are challenging our members at Fitness Canterbury to come together to raise money for Youthline in support of Mental Health

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On the 8th September Fitness Canterbury is challenging its Members and Staff to complete 1000 reps of an exercise or multiple exercises or an equivalent in distance for either running, rowing etc. It can be an exercise of their choosing but the most important thing is that it has to be a challenge that they have to train for.

Entry into the challenge costs $20 with 100% of the proceeds going to Youthline!

Why Youthline! With the challenges placed on our young population - it is vital that they have people to talk too when life seems to be getting on top of them.

"Suicide is a way of leaving a community. If you want to turn that round we've got to make sure that we've got communities that young people want to be a part of and feel safe and secure,"

Youthline provide an invaluable service for them, being there for them when they need someone caring to talk too and providing programs and a supportive, caring community. Its so important to be able to give back to an organisation like this.

Each member who takes part in the challenge selects a specific exercise or a medley of exercises completing 1000 reps or the equivalent of 1000 reps.

Even if you are not competing in our 1000 Rep Challenge we would greatly appreciate.

Fitness Canterbury New Beginnings' involvement (page creator)

This is the second charity event we are doing for Youthline - the first was December 2017. We feel it is a very good cause and would like to help where we can.

Latest donations

  • Meg

    Meg 4 days ago



  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor 6 days ago


    good on you Noah


  • Vivienne

    Vivienne on 12 Aug 2019


    My rep challenge is 20km on the stationary bike and 1km on the grinder


  • Adrian

    Adrian on 04 Aug 2019


    Sharing this post to 1000 people 🤪


  • Scott

    Scott on 26 Jul 2019


    My Challenge starts at 7am, 8th September 200 Pullups 200 Pushups 200 Lunges (each leg) 200 Medicine Ball Slams 200 AB Wheel Rollouts


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$175 donated

Given by 6 generous donors in 26 days

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