Gus' Gentle Jaunt for KidsCan

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For every $5 donated to KidsCan, I will complete 1 km. I will try to run the equivalent km’s in 24 hrs.

Hamilton, Waikato

Kia ora everyone,

Seeing as I can’t get punched in the face for a while (wisdom tooth surgery), I thought I would use it as an opportunity to take on a new challenge and do some good for our local community.

I am planning to run around Hamilton Lake.

Impressed yet?


How about more than once?

How many you ask?

That’s up to you guys.

For every $5 donated to KidsCan, I will complete 1 km. Whatever the total donation ends up at, I will try to run the equivalent km’s in 24 hrs.

Let’s see how high we can get it and how far I can go!

Koha to KidCan will go towards providing the absolute basics for children in hardship in the Waikato, and across the rest of New Zealand. KidsCan feeds 55,000 kiwi kids everyday, as well as provides raincoats and shoes to give all tamariki at schools and early childhood centres a chance to actually engage in learning and have an opportunity for a better future.

It just like an absolute no-brainer that all kiwi kids should have food in their bellies, shoes on their feet, and raincoats when it gets miserable. While none of these things are super glamorous, I reckon your generosity will do a hell of a lot of good!

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7 hours, one full marathon in length, many, many more laps to go. Felling good going into the night portion of the run, will update you all in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

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Latest donations

Christina on 24 Nov 2023
Nice work to all involved.
Jack on 20 Nov 2023
Good stuff mate this is wicked
Joe on 20 Nov 2023
Congratulations! I saw your video on TikTok (Tim Stevens). Well done.
Kruger family
Kruger family on 19 Nov 2023
So inspired to see you running on Saturday. Well done for an incredible effort.
Annmaree on 19 Nov 2023
You are awesome! Pleased to watch your laps from our Hamilton Super 12 Dragon Boat Regatta at the lake and be part of the Guard of Honour.

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