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Head shave for Hospice care

  • Thank you everyone!

      7 December 2021

    We'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone for such generous donations and we hope you enjoyed the live Facebook/Instagram video of the head shave as proof of our commitment to the cause! If anyone missed it, you can see it on You Tube and have a good laugh! Please continue to share in your networks as the Givealittle page is live until March and our goal is still to reach $40 000 :0)

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  • $10 000 donation received!

      5 November 2021

    Today an incredibly generous donation of $10 000 was given to us! We are blown away and now the $10 000 minimum goal has been exceeded, we are committed to shaving our heads! Thank you so much for this generosity. I had better buy some hats! Get ready for a shave very soon..........

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  • $40 000 for 40 years!

      12 October 2021

    Seeing as I turn 40 soon, I figured $1000 for every year of hair growth would be the ideal target.....let's see what we can do!

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  • Reach for the sky!

      6 October 2021

    Thanks to an incredibly generous donor who gave us $5000 this week, we've decided to reach for the sky and try to raise $20 000 for Hospice NZ :0)

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  • In honour of Melissa

      1 October 2021
    Main image

    My good friend Kathryn Clark lost her beloved sister in law Melissa to breast cancer in 2017 and is joining our cause to raise funds for Hospice NZ by also shaving her head! Thanks so much for this Kath - you are amazing :0) and Melissa would be proud

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    • 15/11/2021 by Kathryn

      Thank you so much to all our whānau near and far for the generous koha. Your generosity is truly overwhelming! Aroha nui! ❤️

  • A perfect date to launch

      20 September 2021

    It would have been Beverley Weetman's birthday today and I'm sure she would have been tickled pink at this. She had such a great sense of humour!

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