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Helen and Bindi

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Please help me raise funds for Assistance Dogs New Zealand to pay for specialist training for dogs like Bindi.

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Hi, I'm Helen. I have a number of health problems and disabilities including, lupus, psoriatic arthritis, and a sleep disorder, that sometimes means I injure myself in my sleep. This is really distressing when it happens, and there's not much I can do to stop it.

I've been lucky enough to have been matched with a beautiful dog, Bindi, who goes everywhere with me. She helps stabilise me when the muscles in my legs start to spasm, and picks up my walking stick (and other things) if I drop them. With time, I'm hoping she may be able to help with my sleep walking too. Having Bindi has given me a lot more confidence in going out by myself, as I'm not so worried about falling or being stuck somewhere on my own. I'm so thankful to Assistance Dogs New Zealand for bringing her into my life, and helping me to live the fullest life I can.

Assistance dogs like Bindi make a huge difference to the lives of New Zealanders like me living with a range of different disabilities and other health conditions. As part of receiving a dog from Assistance Dogs New Zealand, I need to help raise $20,000 to fund specialist training for dogs just like Bindi, so they can help more New Zealanders like me.

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Helen Vivienne Fletcher


I'm involved because I received a dog from Assistance Dogs New Zealand to help with my severe sleep walking problem, and physical health and disability issues.

All funds raised go to:

  • Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust

    Changing Lives One Dog at A Time - August is our Annual Appeal Month, we urgently need your donations to keep this vital service alive!

“with love from lots of us!!”
“Paddy looks a gorgeous dog - enjoy!”
“Best of luck!”
“good luck with Paddy”
“we like dogs and think dogs should be our friends. Just don't let Paddy show us up with his $20,000 education! we're just street kids doing our best!”
“I know you will love have your companion animal, and I look forward to meeting it. I also love the idea of "paying it forward."”
“I absolutely LOVE dogs, and I know that Paddy will be a lifesaver (literally lol) for Helen.”
“This is awesome, good luck!”
“Dogs are the best!”
“All the best with paddy, he's adorable.”
  • $7,175.01 donated
  • 37 generous donors

$7,175 donated


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