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Wellington Central, Wellington

Hi, I’m Tenzin, I’m nine, I live in Canada, and I Love Kiwi Birds!

Their population is almost endangered. According to wildlife websites their population is approximately only 68,000 remaining in the wild. Without help they may go extinct within the next century. Your donation will help conservation efforts against poaching and deforestation.

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Kiwi Helpers  27 November 2023

Just want to say thank you to everyone for their donations. Tenzin has been thrilled by all the support. We have heartily surpassed our goal, but I will leave the fundraiser open a couple more weeks. The organization Save the Kiwis has been very grateful.

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Latest donations

Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 07 Dec 2023
Tenzin Thomson

Thank you for your help in protecting kiwis!

Tenzin Thomson
Uya on 23 Nov 2023
Tenzin Thomson

Thank you Uya! From Tenzin and the kiwis😄

Tenzin Thomson
Deki on 22 Nov 2023
You are truly embodying Tibetan values by practicing compassion, kindness, and empathy from a very young age. Your commitment is commendable—good, very good.
Tenzin Thomson

Thank you so much 😊 from Tenzin and Kiwis

Tenzin Thomson
Sangnamdol on 22 Nov 2023
What a wonderful boy! Tashi delek Tenzin Thomson la!
Tenzin Thomson

Tashi Delek Sangyal! Tenzin and the kiwis thank you.

Tenzin Thomson
Sonam on 21 Nov 2023
Tenzin Thomson

Tuk gi che Sonam, from Tenzin and the Kiwis

Tenzin Thomson

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This campaign started on 20 Nov 2023 and ended on 19 Feb 2024.