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  • Shearing Time     10 December 2018
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    I have made a decision and shearing time will be on Thursday the 20th December at the office in the afternoon. Get bald before Christmas and scare Santa away!

    As a further incentive to keep donating I am also going to pledge to keep a moustache until the end of January if the donation total reaches $1800 before the shearing. Obviously after the shearing will be too late.

    Leg waxing is not happening this time but, as stated in the previous update, if $1500 is raised through the Visa Benevity Spark program before this fundraiser ends then it will.

    Keep up the great work and many thanks!

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  • You’re amazing!     07 December 2018

    Wow! That was completely unexpected. The target was met and doubled within 24 hours! Thank you so much to everyone for your generosity. I think that more than 80% of the donations so far have come from my colleagues so a massive thanks goes to Fraedom employees too. BCS, my wife and I are extremely grateful and the money will help a lot.

    So what is next? Well this fundraiser runs until the end of January so hopefully we don't stop here. But I have come to terms with the fact my hair is as good as gone. As Fraedom has been the main source of donations so far, and there has been some requests for this, the great chop will happen in the office. There are quite a lot of people away in the next few weeks so a date has yet to be decided but it may be in the new year. It will be recorded and posted.

    Also, for Fraedom employees we can get our donations matched by Visa through the Benevity Spark program (please note that currently BCS is pending approval). As an incentive for staff to register their donations I'll promise to have my legs waxed if matched amount through the program reaches $1500. I estimate that if all current donations are registered we're well over half way there already!

    Thanks again!

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  • $2,005.00 donated
  • 68 generous donors

$2,005 donated



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