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Less hair for Breast Cancer Support

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Let's raise money for Breast Cancer Support and help them support people. If we raise $500 I'll also shave my hair and beard!

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Four years ago my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. We had recently arrived back from a trip visiting relatives in the UK and were coping with the costs of a building project gone wrong. Finding out she would need surgery, chemotherapy and on-going treatment for many years was quite a shock.

Thanks to an excellent health service, surgery was over quickly and after a short recovery chemotherapy started. Chemotherapy was very unpleasant and left my wife unable to do much around the time of each treatment. At this time many friends and others came to our aid to help with dinners and childcare. This was also when she started going to BCS (Breast Cancer Support) meetings.

BCS supports people with breast cancer in a number of ways. The most prominent of these is through intimate support groups bringing together people to share information and get support from the trained volunteers facilitating them. In addition to the sessions BCS provides one-to-one help, a help line and literature amongst other things. My wife finds the support groups very useful and has met a number of good friends through them. She is also now a volunteer on the BCS committee.

BCS is run on an almost completely voluntary basis and gets all its funding from individual donations and lottery/government grants. On what is a comparatively small budget they have helped thousands of people over the years. As a thank you for what they have done for my wife I am trying to raise money on their behalf. And, as an added bonus for my wife, if I manage to raise $500 I will also shave my hair and beard! Hopefully, for her and BCS, you can find a donation today.

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Kieron Dye


My wife had breast cancer and BCS were a great help to her. Now she is on the committee that helps run the network and I would like to support the good work too.

All funds raised benefit:

  • Breast Cancer Support

    We provide information and peer-based community support for women experiencing breast cancer.

  • $1,345.00 donated
  • 52 generous donors

$1,345 donated


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