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Let's Not Forget

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    Linda asks

    Hi there

    This is a great thing you are doing, but we are worried about where the money will be going. Poppy Day every year raises money for local RSAs to use in their own community. This is very important. We are very concerned that your appeal will attract people who donate locally all around the country, not realising that their local RSA probably won't benefit from it. There is no indication on this page that it will go anywhere but the NZRSA who, I am afraid to say, are unlikely to share it with individual RSAs.

    Can you comment on this.

    RSA member

    on 16 Apr 2020

    • Perpetual Guardian

      Perpetual Guardian

      Hi Linda, any money raised goes to towards RSA support services, supporting veterans across New Zealand. If you are an RSA member we suggest that you contact your District President and they can provide you with details.

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