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Let's Not Forget

  • Less than a week until Anzac Day!     22 April 2020
    Posted by: Perpetual Guardian

    It’s incredible to see so many of you help raise funds for the RSA. Over 1500 generous New Zealanders have already donated to support our military personnel, the oldest of whom will be among the most vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19.

    Let’s not forget all they have done and continue to do for us. The money raised by this campaign will help the RSA’s incredibly dedicated team of professionals, and devoted volunteers, continue their work in the 183 local RSA premises across the country.

    If you would like to help further, you can share the Givealittle page, or add the Let’s Not Forget frame to your Facebook profile picture here:

    The RNZRSA and service personnel; past, present & future thank you again for your ongoing support.

    Apart, but together as one.

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