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Making good of a bad situation

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Help me by donating to Brain Tumour Support Trust NZ and help others with Brain tumours get the support they need.

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In October 2019 I was diagnosed as having two benign brain tumours and a third likely brain tumour, called an acoustic neuroma, a meningioma and a microadenoma. I am currently on a watch and wait plan where I have regular brain scans and the need for brain surgery is reassessed after each scan. I have a team of specialists working with me, neurosurgeon, neurologist, ENT, audiologist just to name a few.

I made a promise to myself after my diagnoses that if I was cleared from having surgery in April after my second scan I would run the Goat Run NZ and raise funds for the Brain Tumour Support Trust NZ. I have just been cleared for 12 months so I am keeping my promise.

Being diagnosed with a brain tumour (or 3) is not easy to swallow. I consider myself lucky as my tumours were caught early after heart attack like symptoms with a swooshing in my left ear sent me to the doctor. Others are not so lucky. I would like to raise funds to help others with brain tumours and their families get the support they need during these testing times.

My plan is to run The Goat Nz. This will be no easy feat and I will need to train hard, but then again living with the uncertainty of brain tumours is no easy feat either so bring it on!

The Brain Tumour Support Trust NZ supports anyone with a brain tumour, malignant or benign and their families. They are a relatively new charity which was started in 2019 after it was noticed there was a severe lack of support and information for brain tumour patients. They provide information, support and guidance to patients, their families and friends. The Brain tumour support trust advocates for the best treatments, care and support for patients, so they can have the best possible outcomes and quality of life.

Nicole Reynolds' involvement (page creator)

In October 2019 I was diagnosed with two brain tumours, an Accoustic neuroma and a meningioma, And a likely third brain tumour called an microadenoma. I would like to make some good of my situation and raise funds for the Brain Tumour Support Trust NZ.

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July update  26 July 2020

Posted by: Nicole Reynolds

I apologise for the lack of updates on this page. I have been with my father most of the last month as he was very sick with cancer, My dad passed away on the 19th July after his lung cancer spread to his brain causing a golf ball sized tumour at the back of his brain. Once the cancer spread to dads brain he deteriorated quite quickly and he died in hospice. Mandy from the Brain Tumour support group is going to support my mum now.

The founders of the Goat Run have been in contact with me and it looks like the run is now going to be in February instead of December due to Covid. The new date is 27th February 2021.

My dad wanted to run this with me, so now I will be running this for my dad and he can be with me in spirit.

The Brain Tumour support trust does some amazing work and your donations help with sending out brain boxes to newly diagnosed brain tumour patients and support for the patients (like me) and their families. Please help support my cause x

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Emma 6 days ago
Go Nicole, you can do this, so so proud of you. Love always.❤️❤️❤️
Nicole Reynolds

Thanks mum xx love you xx

Nicole Reynolds
Brooke Gould
Brooke Gould on 26 Jul 2020
You have got this hunny! ♥️
Nicole Reynolds

Thanks hun xxx

Nicole Reynolds
Rachel on 26 Jul 2020
Lots of love to you Nic xx
Nicole Reynolds

Thank you xx

Nicole Reynolds
Daniel on 26 Jul 2020
Nicole Reynolds

Thanks cuz! Love you guys xx

Nicole Reynolds
Jenna on 26 Jul 2020
Nicole Reynolds

Thank you sis xx love you

Nicole Reynolds

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