Māori Mullet Ranger

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Given by 15 generous donors in 8 weeks

Fundraising for Mullets for Hope 2024


Working for the organisation I Am Hope, I see firsthand how we are directly impacting our Rangatahi. This important mahi is critical to us leading a positive shift to mental health in Aotearoa.

Creating spaces for us to talk and normalising the "inner critic", that small voice that occasionally whispers doubts about our worthiness. An overactive inner critic doesn't mean you're broken its just a hallmark of being human. Providing tools in our kete to help deal with any tension points that may arise.

Supporting me and my mullet growth from a little baby mully to the glorious full bodied flowing mully that I know exists is only months away from now. All of monies raised will directly go to counsellors to help our Rangatahi with counselling sessions.

If you find yourself or your company in a position to tautoko a worthy cause and your not? Ask yourself why? And let me show you how you can.

Big all small its all going to a great cause! Support me on my mully journey to greatness!

The Māori Mullet Ranger

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Latest donations

Sharn & vic
Sharn & vic on 27 Jun 2024
Yo badda congratulations on hitting your goal 🫶🏽
Craig on 26 Jun 2024
Go hard buddy. Need some updated photos..............
Linda on 26 Jun 2024
Good on you Mana !!
Nate on 26 Jun 2024
Looking deadly brother👌
Nick on 23 Jun 2024
What a mullet! Keep up the great work mate

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This campaign started on 20 May 2024 and ends on 20 Aug 2024.