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Mon's Marathon Mission for Family Works

  • And that’s a wrap     28 October 2018
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    Mons Marathon Mission for Family Works is complete 😅

    It didn’t quite go to plan but I knew that at the start. My hip (piriformis) started hurting at the 15km mark so I had no idea how I was going to go.

    I took a couple of Voltaren that helped get me through.

    It was tough but I didn't hate it so I guess that's a good thing! It was a really great event to be part of.

    Massive thanks to Tim, Hugo and Arch, Han, Nat, Hayden, Maria, Bec, Brooke, Rachel and Ava. It was so nice having your support and friendly faces out there!

    So now I've done what I set out to do I'm happy.

    Thank you for your support and encouragement. I thought of all your lovely messages when I hit the wall at 40km. 😊

    I finished in 4hrs 54 mins.

    And guess what?! We’ve reached the $5000 fundraising target too. Thanks to you all! Amazing team effort.

    Boom 👊🏼

    #aucklandmarathon #runthecity @ Devonport, New Zealand

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  • Reminder of the difference you’ve made     27 October 2018

    Hello wonderful supporters!

    I’m at HB Airport just about to board my flight to Auckland for the big race tomorrow. The starter gun goes off at 6am. It looks like it’ll be raining but still fairly warm. Some would say they’re perfect conditions!

    Before I go I just wanted to remind you that you have done a wonderful thing by donating to Family Works. Below I share with you the story of one of our clients. It gives a good insight into what our youngsters are facing - and they have no control over it! Which is why they need our help.

    Six-year-old James* has had more trauma in his young life than most children and adults. He has experienced family violence first-hand and been subjected to physical and emotional harm by his mother and her partner. Now safe living with another family member, the effects from this ordeal are starting to show.

    James has nightmares, soils the bed, threatens to harm himself and others, is violent towards other children at school and is controlling and manipulative in the class room and at home.

    Since being in the care of extended family, he has been violent towards them and they are struggling to cope. His behavior impacts on his learning as he finds it hard to settle down once he gets worked up. He is below in his reading, writing and maths.

    These are all signs of Attachment Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    Family Works Social Workers in Schools (SWiS) were contacted by James’ extended family and he has spoken to our counsellors about his extreme worries about his baby brother who continues to live with his mother and her partner. He gets very upset at not being able to see him.

    Our Social Workers are doing some one-to-one therapeutic work with James, which includes playing the memory game, using building blocks and Lego.

    The SWiS is part of a multi-disciplinary team supporting James and his family. The stable placement of James with family is critical to achieving his safety and security.

    He has been referred to a counsellor at Family Works for some one-to-one work. He is also working with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAFs) with the HBHB. Initial feedback from CAFs is that there may be other issues such as FASD – Foetal Alcohol Disorder. The school have also requested the support of a psychologist to help with his behavior in school. His extended family have been referred to Family Works HB to complete a special parenting programme for children with attachment disorder called Fostering Security.

    This case will be ongoing for several months.

    Unfortunately, Family Works Hawke’s Bay (FWHB) is working with an increasing number of children traumatized by their home environments. This trend is likely to continue as we experience families with drug addictions, poor mental health and little hope in their lives.

    FWHB staff are all qualified and registered practitioners committed to supporting children like James to reach his potential and live a fulfilling life.

    *James’ name has been changed to protect his identify

    That’s it from me!

    I’ll be in touch tomorrow after the race. Hopefully it’s good news!

    Thanks again for your support and kind words. It means so much 😍

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  • Ever heard of Piriformis Syndrome?     14 October 2018
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    Ever heard of Piriformis Syndrome?

    Well I hadn’t – until a few weeks ago. I’ve had pain in my butt, hip and shooting pains down to my knees. Richard, my awesome chiropractor advised me it’s Piriformis Syndrome – a common problem in runners apparently. It’s the muscle in your buttock that connects to your hip joint and compresses the sciatic nerve, which causes the pain. Something like that anyway!

    It’s hindered my training for a few weeks now. The longest I’ve run in two weeks is 12km😬 I should’ve run at least 34km this weekend... I’ve attempted a few more but unsuccessfully. So again, the training programme has gone out the window. I’ve been doing a few bike rides as a substitute and keeping up with HIIT and stretching. I’ve come to the conclusion that this might not be the dream first marathon but I’m determined to do it as long as I can still run!


    The fundraising side of this journey continues to humble me. THANK YOU everyone for your donations. You should all feel proud to have contributed to such a worthy cause.

    Today I said goodbye to another good person, Tony, who lost his battle with cancer. But he battled like a legend with such grace. He was an amazing man, husband, father, uncle, brother, poppa, friend and employee.

    It was heartbreaking seeing his family hurting so much and the toughest times, unfortunately, are yet to come. Among them were his grandchildren. The death of a loved one is massive for their little minds. It’s comforting that the funds I’m raising is going towards helping children who are grieving and is available to them, and to any child no matter what background they come from. After all, everybody hurts 😢

    The important thing they need to know is even though life will never be the same, it will be good again eventually.

    The most beautiful thing of all though, is that he and his beautiful wife, Nanda, donated to my Marathon Mission before he passed away. So Tony mate, I’ll be running for you in two weeks time too. I promise I'll give it everything I've got 💪🙌💛

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  • I tossed the training plan out the window!     29 September 2018
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    Well the training plan went out the window this week 😏

    Only two out of four runs done 😬

    Not sure if it was a virus or just general busy work mum exhaustion 🤔 but I barely had the energy to get through the day let alone get out for training. So I decided to give my body a rest. I have been forcing myself for a few weeks and it just came to a head this week where I couldn’t carry on.

    BUT guess what?! I went out this morning intending to do 30km but I felt so good I ran 34km! The longest distance I’ve done so far.

    Perhaps a rest is just what the doctor ordered - or it might’ve been because I had my bestie beside me on the bike the whole way keeping me company 😍

    Thank you so much everyone for your continued support and encouragement. It really means more than you know 🙏🏼

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  • 32km of hard yakka     22 September 2018
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    Wow! I’ve just come back from 32km run and I have to admit training for this marathon is the second hardest thing I’ve done in my life. The first was giving birth...

    Dont worry I’m not going to go into my birth stories 😂

    I set out this morning with my work colleague, Roger, who kindly volunteered to run with me. He’s done over 100 marathons so it’s a walk in the park for him. At the 28km mark I was despising the way he was running with such ease. But I soon forgave him 😉 if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t push myself as much as I have. It’s nice to have his encouragement. Thanks Rog!

    You go through so many emotions on the long runs. I even start talking to myself - albeit quietly. I guess you gotta do whatever it takes to get through.

    I’m pleased I only have one or two long runs to go before I taper down for race day.

    I am full of gratitude for the people who have helped me in so many ways on this running journey. Friends and family who have looked after my boys so I can run, your support and encouragement, and your donations. I am so so lucky! I sincerely thank you. Thanks for believing in me!

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  • Onwards and upwards     1 September 2018
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    Hello wonderful supporters!

    I hit a bit of a slump after my last update.

    After those 26km of hills every run was ridiculously tough – it wasn’t usual for me. My body felt sluggish and weak. I sought advice from those in the know, read as much information as I could and I discovered it’s not uncommon when marathon training... just my body adjusting to the distance.

    I eased off the training slightly last week so I could recover properly. I did three longer runs instead of four, and incorporated some cross training instead. I went to bed earlier and tried to look after myself a bit more. It seemed to do the trick because I did 28km today and I felt pretty good. It was nice to run early in the day and watch the sunrise along the way.

    I just wanted to say a massive thanks again for your donations and words of encouragement. During my “slump” I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and giving up did run through my mind. But then I thought back to the reason I started this journey in the first place. I thought of the children who are stuck in those violent families or are grieving the loss of a loved one. They’re the ones who are truly struggling. I also thought of my mum who I lost a few months ago. She would encourage me to keep going and finish what I started. She gives me strength and I’m going to make her proud.

    If you know anyone who would possibly donate to my fundraiser I would be so so grateful if you could send them the link to my Give A Little Page. I have a big target of $5000, which will give 10 children access to counselling and social work to hopefully turn their lives around. Every donation counts. As they say in marathon training, success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. It all adds up to something pretty extraordinary :)

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  • Facing fatigue     22 August 2018
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    This is the face of fatigue 😩

    26km done including 16km of rolling hills. The marathon course includes hills so I thought I better get used to them. I actually don’t mind hills. The more you do them the easier they get.

    I questioned my intentions after this run. Self doubt creeped in big time. If I felt tired after 26km how the heck am I going to do 42.2km?!

    But I’m committed to this and raising money for children that are desperate for support and help through Family Works. So onwards and upwards from here. There’s no turning back.

    I just need to work on my mental game too!

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  • Premature midlife crisis?     15 August 2018
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    #MonsMarathonMission (premature midlife crisis)

    It’s been a week of firsts

    👉🏼 I ran my first 24km 🏃‍♀️

    👉🏼 I bought my first Camelbak hydration pack

    👉🏼 I got attacked by a dog for the first time (and hopefully last 😡)

    I’m learning very quickly that long distance running isn’t a matter of just chucking on your shoes and going for it. As my runs get longer I’ve noticed I need more fuel and hydration - and I get black toe nails 🤷‍♀️

    So what did I do? I went and spent my birthday money on a Camelbak, new shoes and fuel gels.

    What the heck? Usually I’d shout myself some new clothes! I think I might be having a premature midlife crisis 🤔😏

    And to top off the week of firsts I got attacked by an awful dog who was off the lead while out running tonight. It bit through my tights and into the back of my thigh 😩

    So if you would kindly share my Give A Little page with your networks so I can raise a few more $$ for my Family Works Marathon mission I would really really appreciate it. Otherwise I’m doing all this for nothing 😔

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  • I broke the half!     5 August 2018
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    #MonsMarathonMissionforFamilyWorks update

    Pleased to report it’s been a good week on the training front this week. I managed to get all my planned runs in phew 😅 even with a tummy bug thrown into the mix!

    I clocked up 48km for the week and ran 22km yesterday. The longest I’ve ever run in my life! I was feeling quite anxious beforehand but once I got going it was awesome. There were even a few good hills in there.

    I have to say a massive thank you to my amazing friends Renee, Corien and Richie for looking after my boys so I could run. A massive team effort for this marathon that’s for sure.

    I would be so grateful for any donations you can manage to give 🙏🏼 going to a good cause - counselling for children experiencing trauma in their lives I.e child abuse, grief, family violence... 😔😢

    You can donate right here. Please share my link with friends and family too.

    Thank you for your continued support. I really do appreciate it 😍

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  • Long run done for the week!     29 July 2018
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    Feels good to have my long run done for the week! It was tough but luckily I had a gusty westerly wind behind me most of the way 😅 And nice views helped too.

    Thanks again everyone for your support, encouragement and donations.

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  • Injury prevention is just as important as mileage!     27 July 2018
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    Hey friends and supporters! 🏃‍♀️

    Just checking in to say hi and a massive thank you for your donations. I am so humbled and grateful your support 🙏🏼

    Training is going pretty well despite a week off recently with a tight and painful calf. I’m learning that stretching and injury prevention is just as important as getting those kms up!

    I’ve spent so many years focusing on stretching hips and hamstrings I never gave my calves too much attention 🤷‍♀️ they’re letting me know 😂 the foam roller is my new best friend!

    If you haven’t read about my Marathon Mission for Family Works, you can have a read here and please, please share and donate if you can. 🙏🏼

    Thanks again x

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