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My dear friend Emma

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The money raised will go directly to Emma. Please support us, any amount will mean so much.

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My lovely friend Emma, godmother to Ella now lives in New Zealand and is happily married to Matt with 3 lovely children aged 15 (Thomas), 13 (Clementine) and 10 (Daisy, my god-daughter).

In September 2017, after several months with a sore back Emma was diagnosed with a high-grade myoepithelial carcinoma, which is extremely rare. The cancer had already spread from her Pelvis into her lungs, which was a difficult initial diagnosis.

Emma immediately started Chemotherapy and approached this as she does everything head on, determined to beat it. After two rounds of Chemotherapy a further CT scan showed that the cancer had not responded to Chemotherapy and she has had to stop this standard treatment.

A secondary treatment has been devised by her oncologist which involves Radiotherapy to assist with the pain and the use of Keytruda – an immunotherapy drug. Keytruda has a proven success rate treating many different forms of cancer through reprogramming the immune system to remember to attack the cancer cells. Emma’s team are also looking at further treatments including new unfunded drugs such as Avastin and global clinical trials.

Keytruda is not funded for Emma’s type of cancer and costs a hefty $11,000 per treatment, which is required every three weeks.

Emma and her husband Matt have been married 17 years, and her three children Thomas, Clementine and Daisy need their mum. Matt wants his wife to be here for many more years to come.

We want to help as much as possible as we feel pretty helpless living so far away. We have decided to run 15km (one km for every year I have known Emma), we are all going to run it - Richard, myself, William, Jasmine and Ella. As you know we do alot of running but 5-8kms is our sweet spot so this will be a challenge. If we can raise just a little bit to support our amazing friend it will be worthwhile.

We will do the run over half term and are hoping that you will sponsor us by donating on this page.

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Ali Palmer


I am a close friend of Emma's in London. She is godmother to one of my children and me to hers. We want to help from the UK and do a sponsored run for her

All funds raised go to:

  • Emma's story

    Emma has a cancer so rare it took experts 3 months to identify it. She needs to survive for Matt and their children. Please help.

“Good luck for your run to all the Palmers and lots of positive thoughts to Emma from Kew Friends Michelle and Emma Warburton”
“Dear Emma, I was so pleased that Ali sent me the link to donate to you & I am gladly donating some money and sending out support over from England. You are in our thoughts. Take care, all our love from The Troy Family.”
“All very best wishes to our friends the wonderful Palmer family, and to their dear friend Emma - circle of positivity!”
“A great reason to put your running shoes on.”
“Good luck to all the Palmers and wishing Emma good health. Love to you all. Xxx”
“Thinking of you, Emma, and hoping you are up and at it soon. Sxxxx”
“Very best wishes to Emma. Hope she gets well soon. Good luck with the family run!”
“Dear Ali, Richard, William, Jasmine and Ella, Wishing you strength and speed as you run for Emma. And, of course, wishing Emma a full recovery. Love, the deB's”
“Ella, well done for taking on the 15k challenge, I know you will make it. We are really sorry to hear the sad news about your godmother, we really hope that she gets the new treatment and that it works for her.”
“Good Luck with your run and the fundraising!”
  • $5,271.00 donated
  • 36 generous donors

$5,271 donated

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