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Emma has a cancer so rare it took experts 3 months to identify it. She needs to survive for Matt and their children. Please help.

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Emma is 47 years’ young happily married to Matt with 3 lovely children aged 15 (Thomas), 13 (Clementine) and 10 (Daisy).

In September 2017, after several months with a sore back Emma was diagnosed with a high-grade myoepithelial carcinoma, which is extremely rare. The cancer had already spread from her Pelvis into her lungs, which was a difficult initial diagnosis.

Emma immediately started Chemotherapy and approached this as she does everything head on, determined to beat it. After two rounds of Chemotherapy a further CT scan showed that the cancer had not responded to Chemotherapy and she has had to stop this standard treatment.

A secondary treatment has been devised by her oncologist which involves Radiotherapy to assist with the pain and the use of Keytruda – an immunotherapy drug. Keytruda has a proven success rate treating many different forms of cancer through reprogramming the immune system to remember to attack the cancer cells. Emma’s team are also looking at further treatments including new unfunded drugs such as Avastin and global clinical trials.

Keytruda is not funded for Emma’s type of cancer and costs a hefty $11,000 per treatment, which is required every three weeks.

Emma and her husband Matt have been married 17 years, and her three children Thomas, Clementine and Daisy need their mum. Matt wants his wife to be here for many more years to come.

$110,000 is needed to pay for 10 rounds of treatment. If Keytruda doesn’t work, Emma will look at alternatives such as Avastin, or participation in global clinical trials.

Now’s the time that Emma really needs help, so please dig deep and share our plea widely across all your contacts, and let’s show Emma that she has a special place in our hearts. Every little gift will count and mean a massive amount to Emma, Matt and the children. Thank you.

Alison O'Neill's involvement (page creator)

I am a friend of both Emma and Matt and am stepping in to assist with a very necessary task so they can concentrate on family and getting through Emma's cancer treatment.

Use of funds

Funds will pay for Keytruda or similar drugs which are successful in other cancers, but unfunded for Emma's rare cancer.

Latest update

Farewell  22 February 2018

Dear Friends,

Sadly Emma took a sudden turn for the worse in the last few days and died, with Matt by her bedside, on the afternoon of 20 February. Her family were all with her and she fought to the end with all the strength she had.

Everyone has been so generous and Matt would like you all to know that your willingness to support the family and give Emma the chance of treatment has meant a great deal to them all.

Once all Emma’s bills have been paid the family will donate any remaining money to appropriate charities.

Thank you.

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    Guest Donor on 23 Feb 2018    My dear friend Emma



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    Guest Donor on 21 Feb 2018



  • Jeremy

    Jeremy on 20 Feb 2018    My dear friend Emma


    I have only met Emma once but have heard about her courageous battle from my sister, Ali Palmer who is a dear friend of Emma. Ali and her children have asked me to sponsor a charity run they are doing for Emma and I am happy to do so. May Emma find a cure and recover.


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 20 Feb 2018


    Our thoughts are with you and your family.


  • Eric

    Eric on 18 Feb 2018



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$71,121 donated

Given by 292 generous donors in around 12 months

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