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Please support our marathon team raise funds for Prader Willi Syndrome research and create a better future for those living with PWS!


As parents of a two year old with PWS, our eyes have been opened to a condition we previously knew nothing about.

Now our hearts long for the best future possible for our beautiful son and all individuals with PWS.

We've attached a video about PWS and how research is seeking to help those with the condition. We highly recommend you watch it.

PWS is a genetic condition which affects 1:15000 births. It affects all races and ages to the same degree and it usually occurs randomly - by chance.

As you'll see in the video the syndrome affects body function in a wide variety of ways - the most commonly known symptom associated with PWS is insatiable hunger where individuals do not feel satisfied or full after consuming food. Imagine feeling like you were hungry your whole life and nothing could make it go away! Parents and caregivers have to implement strict food controls and monitoring, to ensure they do not eat to the risk of their health and safety.

Not only this, but as individuals with PWS have low muscle tone and a slow metabolism, they require a strict diet with reduced calories to ensure that they control their weight.

As mentioned earlier, there are many other symptoms of PWS and you can find out more on the video link attached.

We have hope, we are especially motivated to create the best future we can for those with PWS and therefore are wanting to raise awareness and funds for scientific research into the disorder. We need to find treatment for our kids, especially for the hunger. This will change their futures dramatically, and may even allow them to live independently.

Please help us!!!

We have recruited a group of friends and family who will be walking or running with us in the Auckland half Marathon on Oct 30th.

All funds raised will be collected by PWSA (NZ) and forwarded to:

- the research programme of The Foundation for Prader-Willi Research in America

All funds given to the foundation during the month of october will also be doubled. So we can have a big impact!

Thank you.

Rebecca and Cameron Payne's involvement (page creator)

We, (Rebecca, and Cameron), have a 2 year old son with PWS, and will be walking 21KM on Oct 30 as part of the Auckland marathon. We have organised a group of walkers/runners to join us in an effort to fundraise for research into helping those with PWS.

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Every donation matched dollar for dollar!  14 October 2016

Amazing news. All funds donated to the foundation for prader willi research will be matched dollar for dollar. We will make double the impact!!

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Virtual Marathon for PWS Research 2016

Choose your own dates/times to complete our Virtual Marathon between March 20th and PWS Awareness Day at the end of May. It's easy and fun!

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mcelligott on 31 Oct 2016
top up to the $4000 ?
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 31 Oct 2016
Great cause!
Jo Pinkham
Jo Pinkham on 31 Oct 2016
Hope you aren't too sore today! Well done
Ra on 31 Oct 2016
Nice work mate!
Jason and Amy
Jason and Amy on 30 Oct 2016
Hi guys! Super well done to everyone and would have loved to be running for such a good cause. Hope to see you all soon and keep well!!! Love J and A xxx
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