Queenstown Marathon 2021 Fundraiser for Head and Neck Cancer

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I'm going to run the Queenstown Marathon to fundraise for those who are effected by head and neck cancer.


Those diagnosed with head and neck cancers can face surgery and/or a very intense course of treatment of radiation and chemotherapy, causing various types of short and long term obstacles and implications, and unfortunately in some instances death. These include, limited energy, the inability to concentrate for short and long periods of time, very painful and restricted speech, a loss in appetite, the inability to taste, nausea and an inflamed oral cavity, making it extremely painful to eat and drink all textures and temperatures, balance implications, hot and cold flushes, and, and memory loss. This can subsequently cause a rapid decrease in body weight, and an inability to produce saliva, which can result in an uncomfortable and dry mouth. There is also potential for the person to lose teeth, suffer hearing loss, numbness and pins and needles sensations in hands and feet, and the inability to eat and talk to certain extents for the remainder of their lives. These implications can strongly affect one’s quality of life, and change on a daily basis for a prolonged period of time.

In mid-2020 and approaching my 21st birthday, life as I knew it was flipped on its head when I received a diagnosis of a severe and aggressive form of tongue cancer. The challenges I’ve identified above I was soon to experience as my treatment started, and would frequently change on a daily and weekly basis, with differing levels of their severity. I never could have imagined the true reality and physical and mental impact of what I was about to go through, until I had actually lived it. I now have a new perspective and appreciation for seemingly simple things such as talking, eating and being able to taste, things I would have originally taken for granted. As well as a greater appreciation for life and what we have the ability to do.

Now knowing and realising the hurdles, I don't wish anyone to experience what I have. In participating in this marathon, I hope to raise awareness, show my support and help all of those that are confronted with head and neck cancers.

NB: The mask in the photo, which was specifically made for me, I wore for each radiation treatment. I named it Hauraki, after always requesting that radio station to be on while having treatment.

Bradley Jackson's involvement (page creator)

Being diagnosed with head and neck cancer myself, I realise the struggles that not only the patient faces, but also their family and friends. Therefore is in my best interest to raise awareness and try and make it easier for those that are effected.

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Guest Donor on 23 Nov 2022
TREVOR JULIE on 22 Nov 2022
Inspirational Bradley. Well done
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Guest Donor on 21 Nov 2022
Grant on 21 Nov 2022
Inspirational young man been to hell and back.
Rod on 20 Nov 2022

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