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Head-Shave fundraiser for Cancer Societies.

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Charity head-shave fundraiser supporting people battling cancer. Giving is loving unconditionally.

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Greetings, I am Roselyn Pillay from Fiji Islands, living in Hamilton for 20 yrs and nursing at Waikato Hospital for over 15 yrs.

I feel that blood, hair, love, kindness, cuddles, hugs, smiles, and good words are free to donate.

I have donated my long hair hair to freedomwigs to be used for a real human hair wig [costs $800-$3000 if purchased]. A lot of people loose their hair without their will.

I have ALSO shaved my head to for the purpose of raising funds for:

- Leukaemia Blood Cancer NZ

- Waikato Cancer Society - Bay of Plenty Division

PLEASE do click on donate button at the bottom of the page if you would like to donate $5-$10 ends 15DEC19.

Was LIVE on Facebook:

The feelings I experienced in having my hair shaved off and living with it is very very strange. I feel naked, bit powerless to be honest,I feel shy and bit embarrassed, not liking myself in the mirror, it has made me cover my head and avoid eye contact at times. WOW ! I tell you, it is pretty terrifying but is nothing compared to the battle of living with cancer and its treatments where people loose their hair without their will.

So I am being strong and trying to overcome that by posting a lot of photos on my facebook page- the encouraging comments makes me deal with this insecurity of having no hair, I know people are being nice BUT knowing it will grow back so hope-hope-hope makes one SURVIVE.

To be diagnosed with cancer, a deadly disease- no words can encourage one to live with it without anxiety and despair but the person them-self is the warrior. Imagine the strength needed to withstand harsh treatments, frequent tests and scans and living with that feeling of loss of good health. I SALUTE people who are or have been in this battle.

Hopefully with this fundraiser I can give a little to assist in anyway possible. So please join me and help me with this fundraiser as life is precious and can be way too short too. We do some things in life without reason, giving to those we do not know is unconditional loving as per my granny's teachings.

Thanks to my workmates- Lincoln Simms, Cardiac Physiologist, Cardiac Catherterization Lab, Waikato Hospital who joinied in to shave his head and beard on the day too and to Morgan, Natalie and Annie.

Special thanks to Mel at 'Hairwork Studio' in Selwyn Street for sponsorship and Waikato Hospital media associates.

updated 10/10/19- thanks Roselyn

Roselyn Pillay's involvement (page creator)

Working in healthcare industry.

Selfless service awakens humanity.

Giving is loving unconditionally.

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roseheadshave  22 October 2019

Posted by: Roselyn Pillay

solo campaign thus target reduced

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  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 29 Nov 2019


    WDHB worker. Money was given to a Wintec staff Has reached the course Thanks From Roselyn


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 27 Nov 2019



  • Radha

    Radha on 21 Nov 2019


    Keep up the good work u doing.


  • GT Fitness Studio

    GT Fitness Studio on 14 Nov 2019


    Awesome stuff Roselyn! Nothing to get in the eyes at Bootcamp now haha.


  • Liny Pillay

    Liny Pillay on 09 Nov 2019


    Love u my beti/dota I m so proud of u. U are a great daughter. From your mum Liny


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$3,299 of $3,000 goal

Given by 64 generous donors in around 4 months

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