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Molly Here! I'm running the AucklandMarathon for KiwiHarvest- a charity who provides the less fortunate in our community with fresh produce!

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I run to eat more.. is there another reason people run?

I'm half kidding. Reflecting on that statement though, I realise it is a privilege to be able to have access to ample fresh fruit and vegetables (so my body has the proper fuel to run these outrageous distances!) ..and then sneak in a treat or 20 afterwards.

There are so many less fortunate in our community who don't have this luxury and struggle to afford the basics to feed themselves and their families. There are kids that go to school without breakfast or a packed lunch, while there is a huge amount of quality food wasted everyday.

That's where KiwiHarvest comes in...

"KiwiHarvest is a food rescue organisation, currently operating in Auckland and Dunedin. Put simply, we collect good food before it goes to waste and get it to those in need. KiwiHarvest works with food businesses, including supermarkets, wholesalers, producers, cafes, restaurants, and hotels, to rescue the good food that they aren't able to sell. Our drivers and volunteers then deliver this food straight out to charities and social service agencies, helping them to provide fresh, nutritious food for those in need, all free of charge.

Your generous donations will help them rescue more food, and deliver it to more people - simple as that! For every $1 donated, KiwiHarvest are able to deliver the equivalent of 2 meals.

With more funds, KiwiHarvest are able to put more vehicles and more drivers on the road everyday, and expand their operations to new locations."

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Molly Quin


I'm a huge advocate of the statement "Food is Medicine." KiwiHarvest gives people the gift of health each and everyday. Not only do they deliver fresh produce to those that would otherwise not be able to afford it, they also provide resources such as cooking classes so a change in lifestyle is achievable and maintainable. Plus they save so much food from being wasted. What more could you want?!

I understand that not all my friends/ family live in New Zealand and this cause may not feel as close to your heart- so if that is you, I'd love it just as much if you found a charity that does this type of work in your local community and donate to them instead! The work these guys do impacts the quality of so many lives, giving them a gift we take for granted each and everyday.

All funds raised benefit:

  • KiwiHarvest

    KiwiHarvest is New Zealand's national food rescue organisation. We collect good food before it goes to waste and get it to those in need.

  • $920.00 donated
  • 21 generous donors

$920 donated

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